Translation Techniques: Top Translation Techniques You Must Know

Just as there are different types of translation, there are different techniques of translation as well. Translation techniques are how a professional translator translates a given text. One of the common techniques you probably have heard is the literal translation. But there are many others. Most of them rely on the understanding of the translator […]
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Interpretation Techniques: Popular Techniques You Need to Know

As the name itself indicates, interpretation is a way to convey a sentence spoken in one language to another. Now, there would be people who might get confused between interpretation and translation. Let me clarify, interpretation conveys the vocal conversation from the source text to the target language whereas translation is done in a literal […]
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Localization Techniques: 4 Crucial Techniques for Good Results

The goal of localization is adapting messages, features, brand voice, imagery, and products to make a brand culturally, and geographically fit for the target audience. Therefore, knowing localization techniques is important. So, you are ready to take your business to a global level, but do you know where to start? How can you effectively connect […]
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10 Advanced Document Translation Techniques You Can Use

Document translation is not as simple as you think. Language develops meaning through context, nuance, and formation- which goes beyond the literal level. When aiming global audience, it is very important to make sure your business documents are translated properly. At its core, translation is something that transfers the meaning of a written text from […]
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Top 10 Advanced Voice over Techniques You Can Use

If you create videos- mainly explainer and how-to videos- you will almost certainly have to record voice-overs. In fact, according to how many videos you create, you may have to do much voice-over work. And to make it high-quality, don’t you think knowing 10 advanced voice-over techniques would be beneficial? The voice is a complicated […]
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