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Project Management in Translation Industry

The main objective of Project Management in Translation Industry is to identify the translation requirements, managing staff resources, organize the project plan and implement and deliver the project within specific time frame. In other words project management can be described as an activity that has a unique blend of teamwork, coordination, control techniques and planning […]
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How Social Media Marketing Will Grow Your Translation Business?

A lot of businesses these days need translation services because of competition in the international market and because more than 69,000 languages exist in the world. Legal industries, medical industries, political industries and many other forms of industries require translation in their businesses. People are also increasingly becoming interested in learning more languages, which gives […]
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Top Investment Opportunities & Translation Services in India

Owing to the growing popularity of India as a lucrative sector for potential investors, all the investment zones, cities, translation services and other allied sectors in India are flourishing at a rapid pace. To spread the current information on the on-going investment opportunities in the country, we have listed all the relevant info about the […]
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Translation Services For NGO And Survey Companies

Developing a community for Translation Services For NGO And Survey Companies, we ensure that the constituents of the proposed organizations understand the critical information provided to them. The ability to resolve some of the world’s colossal issues (such as education, hunger, nutrition and relief after natural disasters) often hinges on one flashpoint, i.e. “Access to […]
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6 Logical Facts for Outsourcing Translation Services to India

Are you wary about Outsourcing Translation Services to India? Or are you not able to keep up with the market competition? The language barriers can be extremely detrimental to your business expansion plans. Therefore, it is an urgent need for most of the firms to procure translation services from reliable translation company. If you are […]
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No Rocket-Science Behind Outsourcing Translation Requirements

The growing internationalization and globalization has prompted many companies to delve deep into procuring translation requirements. The increasing demand for effective and authentic translation services is an outcome of global trade. Hence, almost all the companies are on a look out to meet their international flourishing needs via Outsourcing Translation requirements. While majority of companies […]
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