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Translation and Localization: Is Localization A Differ Concept Than Translation?

Companies wishing to adapt their content to a new language usually get confused between two options: translation and localization. While both have the same purpose to modify your brand’s information according to the culture and language of your target audience, translation and localization have two different processes. The terms translation and localization are often used […]
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Localization Vs Translation: Which is a Better Option?

Often people get confused between translation and localization. They believe both of these tasks to be exactly the same, as they help in eliminating the language barrier across the world. Although, this belief is correct to some extent, it is not completely true. Translation and localization do facilitate effective communication among people from different linguistic […]
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Can a Native Translation Improve Your Business? A Brief Of It

The regional content available on the internet is way less than the size of the audience that is looking for it. This can be taken as an opportunity for businesses there is tremendous potential for growth and limited competition in the regional marketplace. With several companies targeting the international marketplace, the need for native translators […]
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