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Do you want to promote your product promotion video to be accessible to Telugu-speaking audiences? Well, even if you have created a video in English, with the help of Telugu subtitles you can capture the attention of your target audience. This is an incredible way to boost your presence and convert the viewers into potential customers.
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Why You Should Invest in Telugu Subtitling in India?

Telugu is primarily spoken in the south Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. They have a total population of 84 million people. It’s the 4th widely spoken language in India, as per the 2011 census. Telugu speakers in America increased by 86% in seven years. If you are bringing up a new product for Telugu-speaking people make sure you promote it in the language, they are familiar with.

By 2022, 82% of Internet traffic will comprise video content, as per the study by Cisco. Progressively, we are getting more familiar with watching videos as well as listening to podcasts. This is the reason multimedia content is booming as a crucial part of multiple marketing campaigns. Youtube will remain a great platform the whole world looks for to listen to music. It’s a no-brainer then that leveraging videos as an aspect of your company’s communication strategy to reach customers. But what happens if, after creating an original and impacting video, shared it on social media platforms, the outcome is not as you thought about? Maybe you’ve not paid attention to an essential consideration. Subtitles. Adding subtitles on a video makes it highly accessible to a wider audience sitting in different parts of the world. Even before buying a product, buyers choose to view videos with subtitles as they know them better.

What We Offer in Telugu Subtitling in India

Subtitling is a great way to reach a wider audience by subtitling your English language video in the same language or different language. There are various types of subtitling services that Tridindia offers because different industries have distinct requirements and it is our responsibility to satisfy those needs. With our team of excellent subtitlers we assure that the created subtitles should have the same meaning as the original one.
  • Telugu Subtitling Translation
  • Telugu Webcast Subtitling
  • Telugu Closed Caption Subtitling
  • Telugu Real Time Subtitling
  • Telugu Video Subtitling
  • Telugu Pre-Recorded Subtitling
  • Telugu Dubbing And Subtitling
  • Telugu Visual Subtitling
  • Telugu Film Subtitling
  • Telugu Software Subtitling
  • Telugu Movie Subtitling
  • Telugu Subtitling Localization
  • Telugu Live Subtitling
  • Telugu Multilingual Subtitling
  • Telugu Pre-Recorded Subtitling
  • Telugu Language Subtitling
  • Telugu Dvd Subtitling
  • Telugu Video Subtitling
  • Telugu Tv Program Subtitling
  • Telugu Commercials Subtitling
  • And Many More…
Creating subtitles is not an easy job that can be done by anyone without the right skills. Subtitling is important for any business in today’s time so it is required to hire a professional company like Tridindia which can efficiently fulfill your subtitling needs and bridge the gap between you and your target audience.

Benefits of Outsourcing Telugu Subtitling Services in India To Us

Have you created a potentially heart-winning video in the Telugu language that might just go viral? If you want to boost your chances of getting your videos out to a worldwide audience by adding subtitles in Telugu languages, then outsource subtitling services to Tridindia. You can get worldwide fame and earn money by getting a huge number of viewers. Here are some more benefits that you enjoy when you outsource to Tridindia.

Quality Assurance

Tridindia assures you of quality because this is essential to build the trust of the audience in your brand. Subtitles are created after listening to the complete video by the experts. Furthermore, our proofreaders review them to ensure excellent quality.

Professional Subtitler

Your project is assigned to a professional and experienced subtitler who has good knowledge about your industry and thus, converts the audio of the video in a text form efficiently in whatever language you want at the fastest turnaround time.

Quick and Accurate Translation

Speed and accuracy are what every business expects from us when they think of outsourcing subtitling services to Trindindia. We have always delivered work at a fast pace to our other clients without overlooking accuracy.

Secure and Confidential

We understand that it's illegal to share files with different clients. To avoid this, we are ready to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement to ensure that we will keep confidentiality and do not share information with anyone else.

Telugu subtitling requires an expert’s eye to focus on details. When you get the best-quality subtitles in your video, it leads to an increase in views and presents your video to the entire world. So, rather than wasting your time thinking about what to do, just hire Tridindia to avail yourself of the amazing advantage of our multilingual subtitling services.

Why Choose Us

Partner with Tridindia and Add Captivating Telugu Subtitles

At Tridindia, we quickly create accurate and attractive subtitles. If you are confronting a skill shortage or period of influx and are finding a reputed subtitling company in India, we can help. We have more than a decade of experience and complete knowledge of the standards as well as formats needed to make any multimedia experience. We can create subtitles for any time of media or any file format.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

We are providing top-rated comprehensive language solutions to ensure that the subtitles are accurately created in the language of your choice.

Native Expert

We have an excellent team of native expert subtitlers with vast experience in writing subtitles for diverse industries using the right vocabulary and grammar.

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

During the process of creating subtitles, we don’t forget to add the two important ingredients i.e. quality and accuracy that boost the value of your video.

Easy Project

The motto of easy project consultation is to get to know more about your business, the project requirement and what kind of subtitling service you are looking for.


We offer first-class certified subtitling services to make sure that you get error-free subtitles for your video that sync well with the dialogues and visuals.

Fastest Turnaround

Our team works dedicatedly to deliver your subtitles within the deadline. We never make delays in any kind of our service, so you can consider us whenever required.
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