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We at Tridindia always strive to provide our customers with the high-quality and satisfactory solutions. With the customer feedback, we get a reflection of our service quality. Have a look at our customer’s testimonials regarding our services.

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Translation Testimonials

From beginning to end, we were amazed with the company’s flexibility, accuracy and professionalism as well. Having a company that can provide translation at an affordable price was a great benefit. We can’t say enough about how convenient Tridindia made this complicated project. Our company is already looking forward to work with you again.

Megha Chowdhary [Sr. Marketing Specialist]

I appreciate the quality of work, which your company have delivered us. I like that potential customers can go through your website for getting enough information to hire you. I can understand why your work is so demanding in translation industry and I thank you for the work offered to us.

Alan Lim [Creative Director]

Just now I have received the feedback from my colleagues in Spain and Germany. I have been told the same so far that the translated documents were so clear that the people understood what we were conveying. We are surely planning to work with you again.

Chelsia Mathew [Marketing Head]

The service that I got from Tridindia IT Translation Pvt Ltd was very impressive. The service was professional, prompt, and very affordable. Plus, the team head made the process very convenient- she was such a polite person to communicate with. I now consider Tridindia the most trustworthy partner of ours.

Artha Reddy [Sr. Business Head]

Tridindia translation team showed flexibility and cooperation in processing two tasks regarding COVID-19 customer announcements, and we are really thankful to them for dedicatedly assisting us and submitting the work within short time in such a difficult situation. Thank you!

Fumio Johansson [Purchasing Manager]

Tridindia translation team showed flexibility and cooperation in processing two tasks regarding COVID-19 customer announcements, and we are really thankful to them for dedicatedly assisting us and submitting the work within short time in such a difficult situation. Thank you!

Fumio Johansson [Purchasing Manager]

The company appeared to be true experts and extremely professional in pharmaceutical translation. We were very impressed by their capability to offer every document in high-quality. It is a challenge to get professionals for translation which can manage a large amount of work in a limited time. We are surely looking forward to work with your again.

Joe DeSensi [Pharmaceutical company team leader]

Language Translation Testimonials

Recently, I was looking for certified translation for Hindi language and I’m glad that I found this service within time. They worked dedicatedly for me and they gave me update till my work was done. Extremely helpful, you should definitely hire them without thinking twice. You will be satisfied with their efforts and work results. Good work guys, keep growing.

Diya Dhar [CEO]

They are really fast and genuine as well as give great value for money. I required German to English translation few days earlier, hence reached out to this company which was suggested by someone. From negotiation on the price to receiving soft copies for verification, I got everything within a day. And this same process was taking at least 2-3 days by other companies. This is the level of professionalism they have.

Aaron Silva [Chief Marketing Officer]

Honestly, I don’t believe the companies who says- we will deliver everything on time because till I have worked with Tridindia I only had experience of receiving late deliveries. But the team of Tridindia proved me wrong. I hired their Tamil translation service for my business documents and I got that before time. I mean, they would be my go to option whenever I would have to translate anything. Thanks team ☺

Shyla Varadkar [Functional Manager]

I always wanted to publish my book in Japanese-speaking regions but never got anyone who can translate it maintaining the meaning of my writings. But now, I got a company I can rely upon and finally satisfied with all the work Tridindia have delivered to me. I would definitely recommend your company to all my known ones.

Brayden Garcia [Writer]

We are a multinational company and hence needs many documents to translate in various languages. Recently, we came in touch with Tridindia which was perfect for us as they offer translations in 150+ languages which means we don’t have to search for some other company for translating in some other language. They offer services at very competitive prices and their work is top-notch.

Dhruv Mehta [Chief Operating Officer]

People who are looking for a certified translation company in the most competitive prices, Tridindia is the company to go for. I has a great experience working with them. Their work process is so smooth and organized that I don’t felt much time consumption in making them understand my requirement. I am looking forward to work with you guys in future too.

Coinneach Murphy [Entrepreneur]

Truly overwhelmed by the response from all the readers for the Korean translation of my novel. Thank you so much for putting efforts and dedicatedly translating the entire novel within time. I would highly recommend their services to you all, especially if you want to translate any book or novel as they are expert in maintaining the context. 

Sana Mehta [Novel Writer]

I have received satisfactory translation for E-commerce website pages in 4 languages- Chinese, Hindi, German, and Spanish. The team have delivered us English to foreign language translation that too at a short interval of time. Great work, really impressed. Guys if you want a trustworthy company for your translation project then they are the one to trust upon.

Devin Smith [General Manager]

I was planning to target Italian market and establish my business presence there. Hence, I required translation so I came across them and luckily I got talented, native Italian translators who were really good at their work. It was such a good experience to work with them that it’s been quite a few years now that I have been giving them translation work.

Ishaan Kumar [Business Owner]

We were very happy with the decision we took to work with them. They value their clients so much that you feel comfortable in discussing your requirements and doubts. Their talented team provides the most professional Spanish translation which made our work easy to convey the right information about our solutions to the target audience.

Diego Hansen [Ecommerce Business Analysts]

I was searching for German Translation in Gurgaon and to be very honest no company here have native foreign language translators. Luckily, I got a company suggested by a friend of mine and that was Tridindia. According to my experience, they are the best when it comes to translations. You can try their service once and will get to know what I’m talking about. 

Agastya Bhatt [Digital Marketer]

Translating your blog content into Telugu language is a great idea, specifically when you want to increase your traffic and gather more Indian readers. If you are searching for someone who can provide you Telugu translation then they are the one who can help because they helped me also. Not only they offer proper translation but also negotiate on the prices. Like me, many writers out there can consider them.

Driss Johansson [Content Writer]

This year our company made a plan to reach global audience by translating information of our products and services, but never thought it would go so smoothly. Through some sources, we got to know about Tridindia It Translation Company Pvt Ltd and hired them for our translation projects. We haven’t thought that we will go so far in the global exposure. All thanks to them who helped us so well. 

Shaan Tiwari [Ecommerce Project Manager]

Few days back I was in urgent need of Russian translation for my birth certificate and have tried many companies for delivering it within one day. Then one friend from my group suggested me your company. After talking with one of your team member, I was so relaxed and got assured that I might get translation done timely. And yes, I got it within time without any delay. Thanks for your efforts.

Ethan Korhonen [Foreign Customer ]

Here I receive the one stop solution for translating my SRT file in German, French, and Spanish language. They were very quick to response my mail. Within few days they provide me accurate and professional translation that make our work too easy. I would recommend their service to all. Try it because it’s affordable too.

Darsh Bhatt [Video Maker]

Dubbing Testimonials

I have had a great time collaborating with Tridindia on many media productions and their team is not only blessed with fabulous and engaging voice but combines that a truly professional approach. I always look forward to work with them again and again.

David Grech [Editor]

First cut of the dubbing was on point, we didn’t have to send the file again and again for revisions! Definitely hiring you again for our future projects. We have a really smooth process that decreased our hustle.

Ambar Agarwal [Short Filmmaker]

You did a great job. The voice-over artist was extremely flexible and satisfied my needs. They managed everything very professionally, we didn’t have to explain them about the needs again and again. Totally recommend them for all the video makers.

Emmanuel Hansen [Studios Head]

I think I was never so satisfied with a dubbing artist before. Generally, many voice over artists have good recording equipment, good voices and so on, but I have always missed this spark. A good dubbing artist who not only reads the text out loud in a microphone, but actually feels the message and able to convey authentic emotions.

Ashwin Acharya [Senior Head]

This company has some most talented professionals. Being dubbing service providers they give 100% all the time and the dubbing artists they have are pleasure to work with, very creative, adapts to every style of audiovisual project with complete convenience and I personally love their work and management as well.

Sara Smith [Director ]

I think I was never so satisfied with a dubbing artist before. Generally, many voice over artists have good recording equipment, good voices and so on, but I have always missed this spark. A good dubbing artist who not only reads the text out loud in a microphone, but actually feels the message and able to convey authentic emotions.

Jason Parmer [Creative Head]

Well-experienced and a pleasure to work with you guys. Top-notch recording and very fast turnaround time. What more could one can ask for? As per my recommendations and needs, they have done a satisfactory work. No complaints! Completely satisfied! 🙂

Darsh Laghari [Creative Director]

Transcription Testimonials

I found Tridindia that turned out to be a transcription service provider that offers transcriptions at a very reasonable fee. Plus, the work was fabulous and they have nothing but polite behavior. Just speaking to them made me realize how professional they are. I’m making it a point to suggest them to all of my colleagues.

Shaila Tripathi [Editor]

Our business includes many interviews on technical topics. It’s hard to get the facts correct, so we rely on Tridindia. The accurate accounts of our conversation, delivered within a quick time period, have been very useful for us.

Antonio D Souza [Executive Assistant]

The company have literally been a savior for me. The team was so helpful, cheerful, supportive, and accessible through Skype, phone, and e-mail that it was hard to believe that I was working with a transcription service provider thousands of miles away. I wouldn’t have completed this task without them. Thanks team!

Brayden Johansson [Business Head]

Tridindia have done an incredible job for us! We got our transcripts in a very short time and in an accurate manner. We will surely recommend the company because of their affordable service and efficiency.

Shylah Anand [Project Manager]

The quality of the transcripts provided by you was of top-notch and the timeliness of the work was fabulous. I have suggested your services to many fellow researchers who many need transcribing services.

Dev Pathak [Researcher]

Our company have used Transcription services from Tridindia many times and have been very pleased. The prices they offer are fair and they have always hit the timeline we have given. Plus, I have called them many times and every time they have been prompt in their responses.

Diego Korhonen [Marketing Specialist]

I won’t be able to say enough good things about them. Writing books is difficult without worrying about transcripts, quality and many other things that can go wrong and harm image. They were quick, accurate and returned the recordings without damaging. They have become my default partners in any transcription need I tend to have in the future.

Divya Patel [Business Analyst]

Subtitling Testimonials

Their work is fabulous and provide the complete work with an impressive turnaround time. They are also very good in communication and has a range of subtitling services that help improve the video demand and make the work more accessible. I look forward to working with them many video projects in the future. 

Chaitali Dutt [Managing Director]

On behalf of my company, I would like to thank you for everything you did to satisfy us. We are very impressed with the flexibility, professionalism, and commitments. We look forward to many years of partnering with your company. 

Amelia Llunga [Video Marketer]

Almost all the TV programs and movies nowadays incorporate subtitles. Basically, most companies are searching for subtitles because of the fact that subtitles are majorly sneered at by audiences. This is the reason why subtitles companies like yours are much needed. Furthermore, we are really impressed with their accurate subtitles and it definitely satisfied all our needs. 

Al Jazeera [Video Creator]

My thanks to Tridindia on behalf of my entire team for providing such a high-quality subtitling service to our video. They assisted us to increase the reach of the video to global audience, permitting us full engagement. 

Chirayu Madan [Video Editor]

Voice Over Testimonials

With their voice-over artist’s incredibly rich voice, their capability to vacillate between dry wit and serious tones, not to mention the capability to handle the intonation and timing of every take almost instantly, we soon found ourselves with an engagingly narrated series thanks to Tridindia.

Rebecca Burns [Director]

They are really fast and genuine as well as give great value for money. I required German to English translation few days earlier, hence reached out to this company which was suggested by someone. From negotiation on the price to receiving soft copies for verification, I got everything within a day. And this same process was taking at least 2-3 days by other companies. This is the level of professionalism they have.

Avan Laghari [Video Maker]

Fabulously added voice-over, amazing job! Thanks a lot. You were super quick and the VO artist have great voice. Beginning from the tone to execution, everything was on point. We didn’t have to tell to change anything.

Video Maker [Director]

Our recent narration experience with Tridindia was very professional! They were very easy to work with, took direction appropriately and executed according to our instructions. Our production team and the audience was completely satisfied with the final product.

Nadia S. [Sr. Creative Head]

Tridindia have both talented and very professional VO artists. They are quick in giving responses, provide amazing quality and very knowledgeable in this industry- what more do you want? We will be working with them again and suggest everyone else to hire them for having an amazing voice actor.

Farid Usuf [Video Associative Head]

Voice overs from you guys have given me such relaxation as there is nothing that needs to be corrected. You are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. You have brought a level of quality to my productions that is worth its weight in gold.

Driss Kelsey [Video Editor]

Quick, qualified, and responsible. Their artist’s beautiful narration suits our film effectively which we are proudly showing to our audience. Now Tridindia, you are on the top of our voice-over service list. It was a pleasure working with you.

Artha Singhal [Video Editing Specialists]

Multilingual Recruitment Testimonials

I have been working with Tridindia, for the past month. Also, this was the first time that I was working with their recruiting team and it was an amazing experience. The individual from the team who was assisting me took into account my requirement as well as experience and specific skill sets I needed. And finally we got a multilingual employee for our company.


Marco Rozario [Operations Lead]

The recruiting team has been absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. According to our company needs, they gave us a bunch of options and specified their skills too for making a correct decision. With their assistance now we have a team where multilingual employee is also there for communicating with global clients.


Deven Reddy [Management Head]

I can’t thank Tridindia enough for helping us in filling the vacancies in our company with multilingual employees. The person who was handling my requirement was very professional and good at identifying what exactly we needed. She dedicatedly worked on our requirement and provided us best employees. The company is the one-stop company for multilingual hiring.

Kim De Jong [Team Head]

The team of recruiting department has been very supportive throughout the process. They kept their word regarding communicating with me and with other promises they made. I observed extreme honesty and diligence in all of our dealings. Thanks for your guidance and help that I got 2 high-skilled, talented employees.

Avan Anthony [Assistant Director]

I worked with Tridindia as one of their clients at a moment when our company has some urgent recruitment requirements. The individual who was assisting us very helpful, delivering our company talented multilingual employees. We didn’t have to explain her again regarding our requirement, she understood in one go. Definitely going to work with them again.

Marco Jensen [Manager]

Honestly, we are very impressed with the employees they have provided us. What was committed in the beginning have been followed till the end. All thanks to Tridindia that now we are confidently trying to spread our business information in different parts of the world.

Shylah Arya [Chief Information Officer]

Interpretation Testimonials

We are very satisfied with the interpretation services offered by Tridindia. The staff is professional and attentive to all of our requirements. Through their language assessment program, we were able to identify interpreting capability and language proficiency of many dual-role bilingual employees, making sure accuracy standards. 

Wally Bird [Administrative Director]


When someone’s life depends on what they say, we rely on Tridindia’s interpretation services. With many years of experience in working with them, now we had a certain trust on them that we can’t have for other companies. There interpreters are great when it comes to medical situations.

Aura [Healthcare Practitioner]

I would recommend Tridindia to everyone as they showed me how easy it was to connect to many skilled interpreters. It has been my pleasure to work with them. The support this company provides can’t be explained, you have to experience it yourself. I can only wish other companies to be as good as them. Keep it up guys.

Artha Arya [Program Director]

With their affordable interpretation services, we are able to communicate directly to the members of our community that do not communicate in English. The power to actually speak to one another has given us a chance to provide our services to this diverse population in a convenient manner. Will come to them the next time also.

Moshe Peeters [CEO]

It’ so good to see that our clients are getting the cultural and language support they need through Tridindia IT Translation Company PVT LTD. They have been working for us from quiet a long time now and we can say they are the best in the industry. The interpreters are so knowledgeable that we never have to face any errors or hurdle to understand communication.

Varun Banerjee [Marketing Coordinator]

Working with Tridindia has been like a homerun for us! I can’t say enough good things about the interpreters, mainly the interpretation project manager. The team at Tridindia was very responsive to all our needs, and they were available to clear our doubts, answer our questions and guide us through the interpretation process. Will definitely work with you guys again.

Steffan Muller [Entrepreneur]

My experience with Tridindia was very positive. The company have a huge pool of talented interpreters for every industry. Also their services are very affordable so it doesn’t put hole in your pocket. Their professional project manager has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Lastly, I want to include that the team was on top of every last detail and assisted us so well.

Cindy Blackstock [President of Sales]

Localization Testimonials

I have been using localization solutions regularly for some time now and their professionalism in work is really good. The accuracy as well as style with which they translated different documents was exactly what I really wanted. I am actually impressed with their team who worked so professionally and helped us to translate our vision into reality.

Sariya Ojha [Marketing Head]

The localization services are really good, I’m happy with the communication we are having with the leaders in the business, they are very prompt as well as understanding. Yes, I would definitely suggest Tridindia to our partners.


Lucas Kim [Chief Marketing Officer]

Tridindia localization solutions has been our business partner for many years. The company has a team of reliable and professional employees that sets itself apart by a huge level of punctuality and competence. With their solutions, we are able to get accurate translation we needed. 

Sahil Ahuja [Project Manager]

All these years that we have worked with Tridindia was really a good experience and we have been very happy with their services. There has always been good interaction between us and we know we can depend on them for high quality and turnaround times as well. They have professional translators who are able to translate as expected.

Manon García [Entrepreneur]

What a great experience it was! A company that makes working with them fabulous! We thank Tridindia for their continued efforts on our translation projects. They manage to proofread, translate, and deliver our projects within time and under budget. Their customer service is top-notch and quality is very high. 

Heather C. [Sales Head]

The company and professionalism that Tridindia brings in along with accurate and high-quality work makes for a great experience. As we continued to expand our business in global market by providing translated content, we will prefer this company for their expertise as well as guidance.

Ashwin Agarwal [General Manager]

Content Writing Testimonials

Having worked on different projects with Tridindia, I can really say I am really pleased with their team’s work. The writers are very experienced and has a fabulous ability to look closely to details. Their ability to convert a complicated content draft into an easy-to-understand piece of content, has helped us in making our marketing successful.

Marie Mohamed [Business Analysts]

The content writing team of Tridindia has worked for our website and we are completely satisfied with their work. They created content for our important web pages and information pages adding our primary and secondary keywords. They did deep research before developing a very convincing copy for different sections. We are really impressed with their work.

Charu Laghari [Marketing coordinator]

I want to say how much we appreciate your team working so dedicatedly to get receive all these pages written. It’s a lot of work for completing in a short period of time, but this is really going to help us satisfy our customers. We are pleasantly surprised by their work and it’s all because of your team. Thank you!!

Akhilesh Reddy [Digital Marketer]

I was searching for a thoughtful content with an extra factor for my travel site and partnering with Tridindia and their team was just the right choice. The work was error-free and included SEO-friendly keywords. We had a relaxing experience working with them as they have handled everything. I would definitely like to work with them again.

Jobin Mathew [Digital Marketing Manager]

I hired Tridindia to enhance the SEO and content of my site. I found the writer was very honest, professional and knowledgeable, and she guided me well through the entire process. I am very satisfied with the fresh content of my site and sincerely thanks the team for putting the efforts in bringing my site to life.


James Su [CEO]

Our company found Tridindia when we required product description for a new catalogue. Our conversation with the team, ensure I got all the content within few days. I really appreciate the prompt response and work put in for the same. We are really happy with their service.

Neha Surana [Manager]

DTP Testimonials

Team members of Tridindia were always reachable and worked really hard to make sure services were found to the many challenges we give them, starting from technical issues to tight timescales.

Ava Wang [Chief Financial Officer]

This was the first time that we have hire Tridindia’s DTP services. We are really impressed with the top quality of work done and also intend to use their services in future. The team showed immense cooperation as well as flexibility in processing the work, and we could not be more grateful for their dedication towards our assigned project. Thank you!

Amutha Achrya [Functional Manager]

I am very impressed with the professionalism of the people at Tridindia, as well as the quality and speed of the DTP services we were offered with. I am writing to thank you for your services. I look forward to our continued cooperation.

Noah Ivanov [Manager]

We genuinely appreciate the quality of work, which your company have delivered. We like that customers can reach you easily and you response very quickly. Now, after working with you guys we know why your work has been appreciated by many companies and we thank you for the work delivered to us.

Bhuma Patel [Marketing Manager]

Tridindia offers us with great turnaround times and project management as well. Their DTP service team asked the right question to make sure the work we needed. They have been really flexible in working with our management, a collaboration that increases efficiency of our projects.

Enzo Kim [Project Manager]

Your team did a great job, did the work precisely without any single error and we are very thankful for the detailed work and dedication of your team towards executing our DTP project in a potential manner. You have gathered great trust for the work you have given to our company. I would suggest your services to everyone in the market for satisfying their DTP needs.

Amul Bakshi [Marketing Specialist]

CAD Testimonials

Working with Tridindia is like an extension of our company. All the projects are done on time and with great attention to minor details. Your staff always finds methods to surprise me on how much attention is paid to information no matter the project type. Thanks to you for the great work.

Mathias Ali [Sales Representatives]

It is must to mention they have never missed a promised deadline and their hard work on my behalf has permitted me to concentrate on my customer’s needs. I highly suggest them to anyone planning to have CAD services at an affordable price.

Amaram Bakshi [Administrative Assistant]

Your team has helped with the accuracy of technical terms, maintained consistency around all the projects, and boosted client’s market speed. This means that every project becomes more affordable. We are really happy to collaborate with Tridindia as our CAD partner, and are completely satisfied with the quality of its deliverables, and the prompt and professional solution of the company’s project managers.

Chloe Tesfaye [Chief Executive]

I am genuinely impressed at the speed and ease of the service. They worked according to my schedule and delivered on time. I am really happy with the quality of the CAD work they have provided. The team was always prompt with replying and was professional also. I would highly recommend their service to all my known individual. I am very happy with their service and look forward to work with them in future.

Anadi Bedi [Business Analyst]

I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done for our project. Your company has never lacked in delivering a service that is always accurate and fast as well, not to mention your company- Tridindia is really easy to do business with every time. Thanks for all the help!

Clara Nguyen [Chief Operating Officer]

The team kept me informed, reminded me if they were waiting on anything for me, the project finished really quickly, and the quality of work is top-notch. You have a very convenience process for me to follow, and with positive results our owners of the company was very happy from the work.

Bhavnish Varma [Team Head]