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Why You Should Invest in Interview Transcription Today?

An interview can comprise more than 2 talking together simultaneously. Overlapping dialogue as well as different interruptions at the time of the interview have to be dealt with quite carefully at the time of the transcription process. Automated computer transcriptions fall short to gain accuracy in interview transcriptions, so individuals frequently depend on proficient transcribers for their interview transcription requirements. Despite your industry, the possibilities are that interviews play an important role in what you do. Employers regularly interview applicants, whereas on the other hand researchers conduct interviews with professionals, test subjects, and many things more. For every interview, a professional transcript is important for ensuring that you have a proper record of the information you need.

Interview transcription is a great approach that recorded audio from a particular interview that is converted to a text document. More often, this is done by a professional who works for a transcription company and can use digital audio recordings while generating digital copies of the accurate transcription. Various levels of accuracy can be used, based on what is selected by a client, and this kind of transcription can be produced for an interview between a group setting or just two subjects. Interview transcription is most probably done in diverse fields, mostly for research or to pay attention to group testing.

Affordable Interview Transcription Services for Your Business

Transcription is a vital piece of qualitative research. However, numerous students either totally ignore interview transcription or have their interviews transcribed by their colleagues. The outcome? Wrong data that imperils research findings. If you are attempting qualitative research and want your interviews transcribed, look for proficient interview transcription service providers. Tridindia has an expert team of interview transcribers who can provide effective language transcription. A transcribed interview can be utilized as reference material when you really want to do follow-up research.







Need of Interview Transcription Services for Your Business Today

Businesses, health care providers, universities, and legal personnel observe a frequent need for such premium voice to text transcription services to back up their most significant work. Here are a few of the reasons that clearly depict why you need to transcribe an interview.

Boost ROI

Interview transcription solutions can be an excellent alternative in national and international business fields. They help business managers and entrepreneurs reorganize administrative as well as operational roles for their personnel.

Access to Global Market

This type of transcription allows businesses to enter the new market. The teams team up on ideas about new hires as well as the discoveries of their different interviews all through the process. Transcription can contribute to work culture as well.

Boost Sales

With the help of interview transcription, you can even share your important interviews in the text form on your official website along with the audio or video recording. This will help your readers read about your interviews and gain insight.

A Global Hit

Daily new videos of lectures, lessons, mock interviews get posted by educational institutes to help students and teachers worldwide gain new skills. If you want your video lessons to gain views and get in globally, academic transcription can help.

Not just do business experts use interview transcription services for assessing applicants as well as tracking daily operations, they serve as an excellent platform for organizing performance appraisal and feedback.

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Professional Interview Transcription to Record the Essential Information

Irrespective of your industry, the possibilities are that interviews have a huge impact on what you do. Employers routinely interview applicants, when researchers do interviews with professionals, and more. You might even be a journalist who has to interview various types of people on a daily basis. For every interview, a good transcript that you can get back to time and again is key for ensuring have an exact record of the information you want. Choosing wisely from the actual top languages for transcription is crucial. That’s why several companies now consider interview transcription from a professional company like Tridindia which understands the industry needs and works based on your requirements.

Experienced Transcribers – Tridindia has an excellent team of enthusiastic and skilled interview transcribers who have good experience in developing transcripts from interviews.
Various file Formats – If your audio or video files are accessible in various formats, don’t take the stress. Our team of transcribers is ace at transcribing any file format easily.

Types of Interview Transcription We Offer

A transcript can make sure you never face this problem, particularly if you consider the form of interview transcript you want as soon as possible. At Tridindia, we offer different types of transcription for interview that meet every industry need. We are providing interview transcription in the following languages..
  • Punjabi Interview Transcription
  • Hindi Interview Transcription
  • Urdu Interview Transcription
  • Bengali Interview Transcription
  • Tamil Interview Transcription
  • Telugu Interview Transcription
  • Malayalam Interview Transcription
  • Gujarati Interview Transcription
  • Russian Interview Transcription
  • Spanish Interview Transcription
  • French Interview Transcription
  • German Interview Transcription
  • Japanese Interview Transcription
  • Arabic Interview Transcription
  • Chinese Interview Transcription
  • Dutch Interview Transcription
  • And many more..
Indeed, in interview applications where quoting isn’t required, detailed note transcripts that emphasize more on vital details, as well as the context in which they’re expressed, can be a great help. Experts can help you in any type of transcription needs including manual video transcription.

Benefits of Outsourcing Interview Transcription Services to Us

Trying to record 1-hour interview within the company could take around 8 hours. In this case, you can opt for outsourcing interview transcription solutions. Using our solutions like elite podcast transcription or interview transcription and the abilities of professional transcribers, we will be able to provide you with high-quality interview transcripts as soon as possible.

Faster TAT

We provide interview transcription from video/audio to text. There is no such process of translation included in this process. In short, we attempt to create a transcript at the quickest TAT.

Native Transcribers

Our team includes native transcription professionals, who convert every type of interview into the text format in the target language. Hence, we give your project to the right transcriber.

Quality Control Systems

Our team follows the quality control process to ensure that whatever is transcribed in text format, is provided to you in top-quality. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the transcript.

Data Privacy

Confidentiality is important for every business. At Tridindia, we will keep your files and documents fully secure with us. We are absolutely fine with signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Years Of Experience

Confidentiality is important for every business. At Tridindia, we will keep your files and documents fully secure with us. We are absolutely fine with signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Culturally Relevant

We are native professionals, who are excellent subject matter experts in specific fields. We will make sure that the interview transcripts sound culturally relevant.

We find that your satisfaction is integral to our success, and we will take all the steps to make sure that you are pleased with our work. Our friendly team of professionals is always available to address any queries you may have and provide you major benefits of transcription company.

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    Irrespective of your field, we can surely say that interviews are vital for what you do. They assist you with recruiting new people for your group, garnering data, gaining more information, etc. Journalists, researchers, and academics deal conduct interviews consistently. Obviously, this activity accompanies a great many challenges, and there is the right tool that will assist you with overcoming them. A top-notch interview transcription that you can get back to on time and again can improve your efficiency as well as bring you outstanding results. With this, you now may know why is transcription important.

    Tridindia is an expert interview transcription agency that works with many companies as well as individuals. Our Interview Transcription can bring you several benefits, such as:

    The chance to capture every detail

    People choose to take interview transcription solutions when they get exhausted from questions like “What speaker had just spoken?” or “Was that Person A or Person B?” Now you can avoid such ineffective strategies. Our transcribe interview solution unquestionably eliminates the requirement for replaying records and tracking the speakers.

    The opportunity to pay attention to your work

    We realize that you have many assignments that should be finished by a certain time. An interview transcription takes hours. By using our interview transcriber, you can pay attention to your research or business, and the projects that truly matter. There are many crucial roles of transcription.

    An alternative to making your content accessible

    If you’re using the records alone, that’s one thing. But when do you want to share your research with a wider audience? Well, transcribe interviews as well as processes with a text document that is very simple to rewrite, edit, utilize for marketing purposes, etc.

    Our Experts Interview Transcribers

    Potential of Interview Transcribers

    Whether you are an HR or a journalist of an organization, you will be taking loads of interviews. These days, a great many people like to conduct interviews via telephone or voice call. In this manner, if you need to publish that interview in the press or save the text version of it for your official record, you require a transcript of that audio file that you recorded at the time of the interview. To avoid your burden of transcribing the interview to texts, you can take the help of interview transcription, high grade youtube transcription or any other type of transcription at Tridindia.

    Taking assistance from the specialists for transcription services will guarantee you have a suitable transcription of your interviews. While you are taking an interview via phone, you will need to ensure that the transcription of that phone call should be done a proper way. The possibility of missing out on some words or transcribing some terms in an incorrect manner will be high which leads to misreporting by taking assistance from the specialists for interview transcription, you will protect your reputation by avoiding misreporting. Transcription of an interview is complex work that needs the experience to ace. Our experienced and well-trained interview transcriber can possibly transcribe interview audio to text for business impeccably to ensure you get the transcription work completed in a flawless manner.

    Additional Flexibility

    Your objectives are our business — and that is the thing that makes us not the same as different companies. Tridindia is a customer-focused organization that is consistently ready to give you a top-notch interview transcription. We keep our interview transcription solutions strictly in-house, which allows us to make sure your guarantees. Placing an order of any of our services, you can hope for a quick turnaround, an outstanding level of accuracy, reasonable prices, and consistent support. All of our transcribers hold expertise in different languages. They know how to do interview transcription so that you’re quite happy with the end result.

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    Why Choose Us

    Choose Tridindia and Get Trusted Interview Transcription

    Tridindia’s interview transcription solutions can help you save a lot of time, reduce costs and gain extra resources. With reliable transcription help, you can efficiently focus more on your business, while gaining access to precisely transcribed audio/video recordings.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    We assure 99.99% accuracy in the interview transcript. We make sure that the interview transcript will go through a strict quality check process to ensure it is error-free.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    We bring affordable comprehensive language solutions for you to provide you with transcribed interview texts in the preferred language so that your audience gains information.


    We provide certified transcription services and ensure that the interview transcript we form by listening to recordings and delivering correct transcripts.

    Native Expert Transcribers

    Our team of professional transcribers holds hands-on experience in hearing to the audio/video recording as well as transcribing it flawlessly utilizing their skill set.

    Easy Project

    Before begin working on the academic project, we will call you for project consultation to discuss the essential project requirements so that we will satisfy your needs.

    Fastest Turnaround

    Our professional transcriber will make sure that the work will be completed at the fastest turnaround time and delivered within the deadline.

    The Unbeatable Interview Transcription Master Since 2002

    Our interview transcription assures accuracy. Our team analyses all brand names or any other terminology, and technical terms, and verifies again from the internet, to make sure that you acquire an accurate transcript.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Interview Transcription

    Answer: The interview transcription is considered a technique to change the video or audio conversation into a simplified written format useful to record important points.

    Answer: Our transcribers are capable of providing real cheap transcription services of interview like research interviews, legal interviews, group interviews etc.

    Answer: We use the term “human-generated transcript” to indicate that the transcripts that we will deliver to you will be created by a person, which reduces the possibilities of inaccuracies, misspellings, or omissions.

    Answer: Although, our proofreader checks the transcript thoroughly and then delivers it to the client. But still, in case, if still you find any error in your transcript, please reach out Tridindia team.

    Answer: When you consider us for your project, our project manager check out all your requirement and guide the transcriber, the transcriber then listen to your recording, and begin developing transcripts accurately and more effectively.

    Answer: Besides transcription services, proofreading is also combined. The transcripts will be checked for finding the errors and fixing them. Once the file will be checked thoroughly, it will be submitted to you.

    Answer: We assure you of timely delivery before beginning a project. We follow a fast and strict interview transcription process that ensures the delivery of interview transcripts on time.

    Answer: Our transcribers try to work and complete your project at the quickest turnaround time. Hence, you can expect interview transcription within 24 to 48 hours.

    Answer: We are a team of professionals and we completely understand the concept of data privacy. Thus, we follow strict guidelines to keep your files completely confidential from end to end.

    Answer: We never want to disappoint our clients at any cost. We always hire high skilled transcribers based on their knowledge of different industries and their experience in interview transcription.

    Answer: You need to talk to our project manager regarding this. He/she will guide through the fruitful transcription process based on your urgent requirement to provide you with the final transcripts on time.

    Answer: For any queries related to our work or services, call us at +91-8527599523. You can even come to our office to meet. This is our address: 2nd Floor, H-219, H Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.


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