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Want to outperform the competition with your research? Market research transcription services include capturing all the information from sources like interviews, consumer forums, opinion polls, etc. and presenting it in the form of accurately created transcripts that help you settle on decisions that are profitable for your business.
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Why You Should Invest in Market Research Transcription Today?

Market research is about getting the opinions of individuals. To get strong, useful opinions, most market researchers strive to accumulate as much data as possible. What’s the best way to maximize as well as deliver your results while utilizing your time most efficiently? Market Research Transcription!

Having the research audio transcribed enables quoting more easily. Focus groups, overall, focus more on detail instead of on your average survey-based market research, so you’ll need to invest in verbatim transcription to ensure that no one is skipping a beat. To show the research results, transcription can assist with facilitating your understanding by showing the material in a single easy to search document. Now you will not be stuck at your desk for a long time in a continuous cycle of “pause, play, write. Pause, play, write.” Market research transcription makes it easier to convert informative audio into a written document to find exactly what you’re searching for instead of trying to search within the audio. To put in very simple words, transcribing will help you keep written record of the entire information covered in the source audio or video files. So, contact us today for any transcription requirement.

Affordable Market Research Transcription Services for Your Business

Market research transcribers are high in demand these days; they effectively convert all types of audio and video files into text format in any language spoken in the world. Right from designing products to planning marketing strategies and researching the target market, transcription can be used at any point in the marketing field. Be it training sessions, interview/ survey with the target audience, information regarding the target demographics or product research etc., the audio and video containing such content can be easily transcribed in text format. This makes it possible for you to take out important points to learn about the market with more clarity. If you are in the marketing field, then availing affordable market research transcription solutions for your business is super beneficial.







Need of Market Research Transcription Services for Your Business Today

Being a business owner, you will understand that you remain occupied with several important tasks. Hence, it is quite difficult to remember all the exact details covered during a meeting, conference or any research related conversion in the audio/video. Now, you don’t need to invest your time in listening and jotting down the points anymore. Thus, a market research transcript will help you retain a written copy of the audio and video content for future use.

Access to Global Market

If your business is providing marketing services to a company that belongs to a different country, we understand the difficulty you face while sharing information. But it can be possible with market research transcription where your research-based video gets converted into document form that includes professional transcripts that are precise and comprehensible.

Identify Market Potential

If you wish to introduce your product to a global audience, you need to share complete information about it with them. Hence transcribing the video on how to use it and customer testimonials who are already using it in the audience native language and presenting them before them can be a great idea to help them understand the benefits and make them purchase your product.

Boost Sales

Marketing product and making them popular worldwide is not enough. Sales are the bottom line. Sales become effective when the business knows what its target audience wants. Hence recording interaction with audiences, audience polls, surveys etc. and transcribing them to get a detailed document that helps you study and grasp every point well. This helps you understand audience opinions and make strategies to boost sales.

Boost ROI

ROI is directly proportional to sales. If you get success in understanding your customers' needs, you can surely witness the boost in ROI. To make this happen, studying the market and customer reviews through sources like forums, videos etc can be helpful. To save time, take the benefit of market research transcription that convert video content and provide accurate transcripts to help you go through every point said in it.

Above all, if you don’t want your and time and efforts to go wasted if you don’t want to disappoint your clients that require information that you have gathered, then manually done market research transcription by Tridindia professional can make a huge impact on your market research that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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Professional Market Research Transcription for Better Data Representation

When it comes to product designing and planning an effective marketing strategy, stellar marketing research as well as analysis is much needed. As a result, you need to conduct certain activities to gather information about consumers preferences. It is a crucial part of any business strategy and a key factor in maintaining competitiveness. In meetings, it’s difficult to show data from different resources as the time is limited. So, if you want to put all the collected information on the paper then get them transcribed by availing professional market research transcription from Tridindia where the team of transcribers convert the customer feedbacks, surveys etc. into a written document with the fastest turnaround time.

Experienced Transcribers – Our team of proficient transcribers has a good knowledge of the marketing industry and understand their requirements. They have good work experience and know the marketing terminologies.
Various file Formats – We are absolutely fine with any type of digital file. Our talented transcribers can transcribe every form of audio file format such as .mp3, .3gp, and so on.

Types of Market Research Transcription We Offer

To satisfy the needs of the client, we make sure that you get all types of transcribing solutions under one head. Hence, no matter what type of market research content is present in the audio or video, how bulky or complex it is, you can be ascertained that all of your transcribing needs would be fulfilled in the most appealing manner. Listed below are some of the major types of transcription we offer to you.
  • Phone Survey Transcription
  • Small Group Session Transcription
  • Disabled Access Audit Transcription
  • Consumer Forum Transcription
  • Focus Group Transcription
  • One-on-one Interview Transcription
  • Risk Analysis Session Transcription
  • Recorded Phone Interview Transcription
  • Opinion Poll Transcription
  • Home Buyer Report Transcription
  • Customer Analysis Session Transcription
  • Product Research Audio Transcription
  • Building Survey Report Transcription
  • Condition Report Transcription
  • Competitor Analysis Session Transcription
  • Structural Report Transcription
  • Advertising Research Finding Transcription
  • Marketing Campaign Feedback Transcription
  • Market Survey Research Recording
  • Direct Response Television Infomercial
  • And Many More…
Apart from these, if you have any additional requirement, do share with us. We are backed by a full-fledged team of professional multilingual transcribers, who possess prodigious talent in transcribing all types of videos and audios in as many languages you want. Also, you must note that we accept all kinds of videos and audios format for quick and quality transcription.  

Benefits of Outsourcing Market Research Transcription Services to Us

Understanding customer’s beliefs, perceptions, likes and dislikes, is very important, especially when you are entering a new market. Hence, it becomes pivotal for you to a keep a written record of the information gathered from the surveys, questionnaires and other research materials in audio and video format. So, to fulfill all your transcription needs, here we are offering a range of benefits of outsourcing the services to us.

Faster TAT

We are best known for delivering work within deadlines. Our skillset and dedication enable us to complete work with the fastest TAT.

Culturally Relevant

Our talented transcribers ensure that the audio or video content transcribed into written form lies in a cross-cultural setting.

Quality Control Systems

The transcripts consider the three-tier process in which our proofreaders check grammatical errors, punctuation & ensure the document is error-free.

Data Privacy

To keep all your provided information completely secured, our transcriptionists agree to sign Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements.

Years Of Experience

With our vast years of experience, we are striving and even getting success in fulfilling the transcription needs of marketing companies from end-to-end.

Native Transcribers

We are supported by native professionals who have immense experience and knowledge of the cultural and language nuances. This assures that the transcripts will be of high quality and accuracy.
To put it simple, you are in an immense benefiting situation, while you are working with us. Be it quality, time deadlines, business ethics, professionalism, language proficiency or industry specialization, you can definitely count on us. So, if you have any transcription assignment in any video or audio format, do get in touch with us.  
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    If you are searching for a trusted market research transcription services, then hiring Tridindia is the best decision you would ever make. Our transcribers are acquainted with the challenges as well as terminology related to the market research industry. Our transcriptionists and quality analysts provide subject matter expertise in business as well as economics. Our team is also trained in working with files that include tricky accents and dialects from all over the world. Tridindia ensures error-free documents with zero misrepresentations or misinterpretations.

    An important aspect involved in the development of our brands as pioneers on the global stage is the good knowledge of different industries. We aim to provide growth-driven market research transcription solutions through innovation—in opinions, methods, and approaches. Reasons to select Tridindia for your research project.

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    Competitive rates

    Whether you’re performing product research or searching for feedback on your marketing campaign, you need to start analyzing your data instantly. Tridindia provides a plethora of turnaround times to provide the transcripts you require at the most competitive rates. Unlike other market research transcription companies, we do not charge anything for multiple speakers in the recording.

    Our Experts Native Market Research Transcribers

    Potential of Market Research Transcribers

    Marketing research transcription is a crucial aspect of a research study. The transcriptionists at Tridindia have great potential to make the transcription process easy for you. Comfortable at working on any format, we send your transcripts once they get completed with easy-to-read designations of moderator as well as respondents. Since we prepared transcripts ordered at a focus group facility, we understand research and how transcripts fulfill your goals the best.

    Market research requires a great focus on details. To do a transcription of an interview or customer feedback, we hired experienced and talented transcriptionists who work at their pace and deliver the desired results in the form of quality transcripts. Hence, you can trust us that your research project is in safe hands. Also, our QC team plays an important role in finding and fixing the errors in the transcripts and make them error-free.

    Additional Flexibility

    Before starting work on a market research transcription project, we ask our clients to provide complete documents, so that we have sufficient information prior to we start any market research transcription. After transcribing, every document will be checked twice to ensure content accuracy. Amid the transcription process, if our market research transcription team find any unfamiliar term or word, they will find the related term/word using the internet. In case, we are unable to find the appropriate information, we will get in touch before transcribing. Our team are capable of working on various formats.

    Why look to hire staff members for transcription job, when you can take assistance from Tridindia to do work for you? Connect with us now for cost-effective and accurate transcription services.

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    Choosing Tridindia to Get Unmatched Market Research Transcription

    Your choice of a transcription company decides whether or not you’ll be able to achieve the desired objective of transcribing the audio/video file. If you choose the right company, your goal will be fulfilled. But, if you choose the wrong option, you will have to bear additional costs. So, it is always better to work with professional and experienced transcription vendor, like us, who possess years of experience in the said domain. 

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Tridindia assures that the delivered transcripts meet the highest quality standards. Also, we follow a strict quality check process to ensure transcripts are error-free and accurate

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    If you want an audio file transcribed into some other language, we provide you with comprehensive language solutions. We have a talented team of language experts who are proficient in speaking different languages.


    We provide with highly professional and certified transcription services to ensure that the transcripts of the given market research project are appropriate and meets your requirement.

    Native Expert Transcribers

    With a pool of native expert transcribers, we are capable of facing any challenge that arises while working on a marketing research project. They have the competency and sufficient knowledge to deal with any problem.

    Easy Project

    We provide easy project consultation to clear the doubts regarding the project and based on the complexity of the project, a complete work plan is also discussed.

    Fastest Turnaround

    Based upon the time within which you need a project to be completed with the fastest turnaround time, resources are allocated to make sure efficient and timely delivery.

    The Unbeatable Market Research Transcription Master Since 2002

    We assure that our market research transcription solutions provide you with comprehensive accurate market research transcripts making sure all the information is being gathered in a document without missing anything important.
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    Follow Easy Steps to Order Market Research Transcription

    We take sufficient time to build up a one-on-one relationship with you and another client to allow us to improve a great understanding of their particular transcription requirements. To avail our services, follow these simple steps.

    Contact us first

    If you have a project to share with us, contact us via call or mail us your requirements.

    Consult with Project Manager

    Once contacted, you can visit our office to consult with our project manager.

    Place Your Order

    If you agree with our terms and conditions, order our market research transcription service.

    Get Delivery On Time

    We assure you of in-time delivery without compromising the quality.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Market Research Transcription

    Market research transcriptions is the process in which audio data collected during the time of market research converted into the word form. The skilled transcribers and quality checkers transcribe audio manually to deliver the quality transcription possible.
    Our professional transcriptionists handle all the transcriptions that go through the editing process twice to ensure accuracy.
    Our market research transcription services can deal with WAV, MP3, MP4, WWA, DVD, DVF, MSV, MOV, AVI, MP2, WMV, AMR, CAF and URLs that direct us to your audio content.
    Tridindia can transcribe audio as well as video files of any size.
    Tridindia sticks to the top standards when it comes to securing the privacy of your business and personal documents. Our transcriptionists agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
    Tridindia has vast experience in serving customers of every size with no hindrance of advanced notice. We will engage several market research professional transcriptionists as required to match your immediate business requirement.
    Yes. The transcriptionists at Tridindia are quite familiar with the marketing terminologies required for the job.
    No. There will not be any extra costs charged when you send your requirements to Tridindia. All the rates will be settled prior to you outsource your project requirements to us.
    The time required for transcription may rely on different factors, and you get to know the accurate time by connecting with our representatives.
    Yes, all our market research transcribers are highly skilled and they know terminologies related to marketing.
    Yes. But along with audio files, email us your specific requirements too.

    We always strive to resolve every query during business hours. Just call us at +91-8527599523 or email your requirement at [email protected]. Also, you can visit us on 2nd Floor, H-219, H Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.


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