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Why You Should Invest in Video Transcription Today?

Do you know a total of 74% of people prefer transcribed video? It’s not necessary for every viewer would learn from video, sometimes they prefer to read or get the information out of it for future use. Not just this, the need to document every important discussion in a meeting or a conference is increasing the importance of video transcribers by leaps and bounds. In the business environment, every communication conducted during phone calls, meetings, conferences and presentations has the potential to yield ideas and inspiration. Many businesses choose to share meaningful ideas with their target audience. This is why businesses are actively looking forward to the human transcription of videos that involves converting all types of video files into text format.

Video transcription is not just a great way to record the important points covered in the video, but also a unique way to increase your search rankings. The transcripts (in text format) can be used to escalate your online business presence, and drive more traffic to your website. When the viewer can easily access your video transcript, there is a lot of potential for a good user experience. Everyone’s learning style is different, so including a transcript provides viewers with the option to digest information as per their strengths. Also, transcripts make it simple to search the video for topics or keywords. Supported by a professional team of video transcribers, we can transcribe all kinds of videos in all formats and all languages.

Affordable Video Transcription Services for Your Business

Video transcription can be referred to as an activity, which is increasingly becoming popular among global businesses. As already mentioned above, it involves preparing a text format of the video, so as to keep a record of all the important points covered in the video. From a business perspective, this type of elite voice to text transcription plays a pivotal role in improving the brand’s efficiency and productivity. At Tridindia, you will be getting video transcription services at rock-bottom prices that can capture the attention of every type of audience from normal to hard or hearing. This is the most effective way to gain recognition in the global market.







Need of Video Transcription Services for Your Business Today

Videos can be transcribed effortlessly and it is advised to do so, particularly when you own a video consisting of crucial content. For instance, a video of a live interview, a focus group discussion, or even of a conference is understood better when transcriptions like accurate focus group transcription have been created.

Access to Global Market

Today’s audience doesn’t have much time to watch the complete video to get the answer to their queries. Thus, video transcription can help audience understand the information whether they watch the entire video or not.

Better ROI

When video transcription results in a boost in sales, then it is clear that it would have a positive impact on the ROI as well. Most businesses put their best efforts to bring results that improve their productivity and revenue.

Boost Sales

You know content is a king. It can either make or break your customer-based. Video transcription plays an important role in educating the viewers about anything you present on any platform. With transcripts, you can boost sales.

A Global Hit

Your content becomes the biggest global hit when it meets the needs of the global audience. It means putting just video content before the audience is not enough, but when you present it along with transcription, it becomes a global hit.

With these many crucial benefits of video transcription, it is undeniable to say that video transcription is a great way to make your media content accessible to more and more audiences in a meaningful manner.

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Professional Video Transcription for Engaging Script

Any person can easily understand the information when it is in a readable form. Transcribing videos requires good attention to detail. Thus, hiring professional video transcription to get an engaging script is the best decision that would surely benefit your business. This makes it possible for the viewers to watch as well as gather information in the text form so that they don’t miss any point. No matter whether you created a video for a presentation or training your employees when you provide standard language transcription with it, they don’t need to write anything, instead, they save will the information you provide to them in text form.

Experienced Transcribers – We have a complete team of experienced transcribers who have hands-on experience in handling the requirements of diverse industries with confidence.
Various File Formats – We transcribe all kinds of videos in all kinds of formats, and in all Indian and foreign languages such as AVI (Audio Video Interleave), FLV (Flash Video Format), WMV (Windows Media Video), MOV (Apple QuickTime Movie) and MP4 (Moving Pictures Expert Group 4).

Types of Video Transcription We offer

With in-depth experience and subject matter expertise, we deliver all types of video transcription solutions for proper understanding of specific language and communication. Hence, no matter what type of video you need transcription for, or how bulky or complex your assessment is, we are here to help you out with superlative quality transcription assistance.

If you have any additional requirements, apart from the types mentioned above, feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements. At TridIndia, we never compromise on the transcript quality and deliver all the major benefits of transcription company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Video Transcription Services to Us

Transcription from actual low cost transcription company is increasingly becoming the most important need of businesses around the world. Hence, if you outsource the services to us, you will be in a beneficial situation, as we have more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and have served a large number of business giants across the world.

Data Privacy

No matter how many media files you share with us, we assure you that all of them will be secure and confidential. Our transcriptionists are always ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that our clients get security assurance.

Culturally Relevant

Our team of transcriptionists makes sure that the transcription script should be culturally relevant such that when the audience reads it, they can understand the message in their native language with complete ease.

Years Of Experience

Tridindia has been serving global clients its video transcription services for many years. Because of our appreciable work, we got valuable clients who always choose us to fulfill their video transcription requirements.

Native Transcribers

We work with professionally trained native transcribers who convert video into text format in the given language quite efficiently. They have excellent proficiency in a variety of Indian and foreign languages.

Another benefit that you will get when you outsource video transcription or any type of credible business transcription to us is that we have professionally trained transcriptionists who also transcribe all kinds of DVDs or VHS tapes in a well-formatted text in the native language.

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    Your Trusted Video Transcription Agency Online

    Video transcription is the technique of taking your video’s soundtrack and converting it into a text transcript. Video transcription can incorporate an assortment of media formats, such as TV shows, online streaming videos, clips, webinars, eLearning materials and films. While most of our competitors are giving preference to machine transcription, Tridindia has stood its ground by only appointing talented human transcriptionists to perform video to text transcription or premium podcast transcription. Because we believe that machine transcription can’t always transcribe dialogue in the right way and capture the nuances of a language, our human transcriptionists can do the needful. Above all, Tridindia is committed to offering superior customer service, top-notch transcripts, and timely delivery to keep our clients fully satisfied. Our clients involve businesses, academics, producers, production houses, creatives, and individuals who just want to have their video blogs (such as YouTube) as well as other online webcasts transcribed.

    When you provide with online video transcription, the hard of hearing viewers can go through the text-based transcription or simply view the video after reading the transcript.

    Transcribing the soundtrack from your video also enables the non-native speakers better comprehend your content. Your text transcript can allow your business reach wider audience and offer clarity about your video’s message.

     Providing video transcripts helps search engine spiders to crawl as well as index the content better. This leads to boost in views from individual that are actively looking for the content you have published.

    The transcripts will also help you keep track of the type of video content you have already used previously. This will ensure that every time you release a video in the market, you come up with fresh ideas to lure and attract your audience.

    Simply share your requirements with us, upload your files and let us handle the rest. We will give you various options of popular languages in demand for transcription. So, call us right away!!

    Our Experts Video Transcribers

    Potential of Video Transcribers

    By outsourcing to us, you get the benefit of transcribing the video as per the subject matter which increases the quality of the transcription. As mentioned earlier, we work with native professionals, who are experts in different genres, industries and subjects. Hence, you can rest assured that regardless of the complexity of the video or language used in it, the output delivered to you would be highly accurate. So, choose experts because there is a real need of transcription.

    Developing a video transcript includes a similar process as audio transcription. Our transcriptionists carefully listen to the video while watching it simultaneously, and transcribe the file at the same time. In fact, video transcribing takes a long time on the grounds that a similar video may be watched a couple of times just to make sure that every word has been typed out accurately.

    Our professional transcribers make sure that no bias or personal opinions mentioned are included in the transcripts. Getting biased over something we do not agree with, is quite easy. But, our professionals clearly understand that in order to deliver accurate results, one has to be strict at transcribing only the content mentioned in the video file.

    Additional Flexibility

    We do not translate the video and then transcribe the same. We directly transcribe the video into text, in the native language with productive transcription strategies. This, in turn, avoids any extra costs borne by you. Using processes like translation in between increases the cost of the project. However, we make sure that the video is transcribed directly, which makes the project very friendly to your pocket. This is clearly a testament to the quality we commit to you.

    The advantages of video transcripts created by Tridindia professionals:

    It makes the viewer understands the actual video content better.

    Video transcripts act as an excellent marketing tool as they help visitors directly visit your site.

    The video transcript can be analyzed further based on the content. Also, it can be utilized to make good decisions.

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    Why Choose Us

    Choose Tridindia And Get Your Video Transcribed by Specialists

    If you prefer quality above anything else, we are the right platform for you. Having served the industry for multiple glorious years, we proudly confess our team to be the best for helping you with any kind of transcription requirements for consistent global business expansion.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Quality is important and we don’t forget to put it while transcribing the content. Also, our transcribers make sure that there will be accuracy at a high level.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    No matter in what language you want the transcription to get done, we bring comprehensive language solutions in which our transcriptionists can transcribe in the language of your choice.


    We are best known for providing certified transcription services with the assurance that your transcribed script is free from errors related to grammar, punctuation, etc.

    Native Expert Transcribers

    We have an outstanding team of native expert transcribers who create an excellent and accurate transcribed script by implementing their knowledge and skillsets.

    Easy Project

    We conduct a small meeting before starting work on the project so that you as a client share your concerns and what kind of work you expect.

    Fastest Turnaround

    Our video transcribers can deliver work on time. They transcribe the video carefully at the fastest turnaround time while ensuring accuracy and quality.

    The Unbeatable Video Transcription Master Since 2002

    If your video is meant for effective marketing, our video transcription services are here to present the information uniquely to help your business reach wider and wider.
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    Simple Steps to Follow & Order Video Transcription

    No matter whether it’s about accessibility or boosting your website SEO, video transcription work wonders in every way possible. Still thinking? Without wasting more of your time, just follow some of the simple steps mentioned below and enjoy our services.

    Contact us first

    To get our services, just give us a call. You can even share your project requirement via mail.

    Consult with Project Manager

    If you feel the need of meeting, you can visit our workplace to consult with our project manager.

    Place Your Order

    If you want excellent video transcription, then just place your order.

    Get Delivery On Time

    We assure you that you will get transcribed content file delivered on time.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Video Transcription

    Answer: Video transcription is the process of transcribing your video’s audio into text efficiently. This is beneficial for hard-of-hearing, deaf or non-native-language speakers.

    Answer: No matter what type of video you provide to us, we properly go through the client’s requirements and strive to fulfill the needs so that they can develop powerful customer retention strategies.

    Answer: If the video file is of small size then you can send us via mail. In case, your video file size is large then you can contact us for help.

    Answer: Once you will provide us with the video, our transcriber will go through the video, listen to the audio track and transcribe it carefully into the text.

    Answer: Our transcribers are fast at doing video transcription. Once it is done, we will submit the transcribed content to you.

    Answer: We perform video transcription at fasted turnaround time. When you will send us your video file, you can expect transcription within 24 to 48 hours.

    Answer: Our transcribers are well-versed in the format of transcription. Thus, they make sure that no such filler words should be used. Their motto is to make sentences meaningful.

    Answer: Our transcribers are professionals. They abide by rules that include signing a non-disclosure agreement that states your video files and documents will be kept completely secure.

    Answer: Yes! We can deliver your file as soon as possible; in case you need it urgently. If you have more questions to ask, read our transcription quotes.

    Answer: We understand and our transcribers would surely try to complete the work as soon as possible so that you don’t face any problems.

    Answer: Our transcriptions have huge experience in the field and impeccably do transcriptions no matter how complex your project is.

    Answer: Reaching us is very easy. Call us at +91-8527599523 or drop us a line at [email protected]. We are located on the 2nd Floor, H-219, H Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.


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