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Extend the life of a webinar event by providing accurate transcripts to your attendee. With Webinar Transcription Services, an expert transcriber can add value to your webinar with useful transcripts.

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Why You Should Invest in Webinar Transcription Today?

In the last couple of years, webinars have gained huge popularity along with general video conferencing. A webinar is referred to as a live virtual event that conducts online, generally utilizing video conferencing platforms as well as webinar software. They are basically educational and include dialogue between the participants and the presenter through Q&A features, chat boxes, and questions asked straightaway to the presenter. If you conduct a webinar, it’s a wise decision to receive an accurate webinar transcript and just send it to your attendees after the webinar ends. This is good specifically for individuals with hearing disabilities, and anyone who wants to look for the raw text of the webinar to find as well as revisit sections of the webinar.

Transcripts assist boost your searchability because every keyword of your discussion is embedded in the text. Also, it provides your listeners with a different alternative for reviewing what was said amid the webinar, instead of re-listening to the complete presentation over again. Dedicated webinar transcription solutions provided by Tridindia can offer transcripts that seem directly within the webinar itself. For instance, transcripts can be viewed within attendees’ Zoom windows to give them instant notes for highlighting as well as sharing or only a written account to reference throughout the event. We have a team of transcribers who can perform manual transcription of webinar recordings while ensuring high-level accuracy. Our sole aim is to make your webinar more accessible to every type of audience.

Affordable Webinar Transcription Services for Your Business

Webinar audiences, whether they are viewing live or on-demand – can hugely benefit from access to understandable transcripts. Also, webinar transcripts can be shared with attendees after the event to quickly review personally as just text from the event or to simply read when watching the video to perfectly follow along. Either way, transcripts provide an outstanding approach to quickly consume the even content as well as assist attendees to stay highly engaged. Thus, our affordable language transcription solutions are designed to be impactful and convenient to make your webinar an amazing informational resource.








Need of Webinar Transcription Services for Your Business Today

According to the studies, transcription assists employees to gain information and paying full attention to webinars. Thus, if you want to make your webinar globally popular, standard voice to text transcription is helpful enough. There are certain benefits you’ll get from transcribing a webinar.

Boost ROI

A webinar is a bit costly affair and earning ROI for the event besides attendees is a tough task. Recording the sessions and publishing them with transcripts can boost ROI because potential leads can assess them.

Access to Global Market

Whether it’s an educational webinar or a business-based webinar, if you want to grab the attention of non-native audiences as well, just get the recordings transcribed. You can translate the transcripts into any language.

Boost Sales

A webinar can be about anything be it technology or any services. To attract audiences, you need to post-webinar recordings with transcripts to educate customers and convert them into potential buyers.

A Global Hit

A webinar is a modern approach to educating people about the newest things. To make your webinar a global hit, you need webinar transcription and then translation of transcripts into the selected languages to gain viewers.

Tridindia’s transcribing professionals are trained to stick to the stringent standard of delivering 99% of accuracy to provide the best quality. Our unmatched video transcription solutions are designed to offer top-notch transcripts even with bad audio quality or other accents.

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Professional Webinar Transcription to Educate Global Audiences

Business requirements have drastically transformed with the passing years. Webinars are now slowly becoming mandatory in our lives to get information on almost about everything. Thus, it has turned crucial for business leaders to involve transcriptions in their proven multilingual content marketing strategies to improve communication and even to make their business processes stronger. We provide webinar transcription solutions to companies that want to include transcripts into their business processes along with services that scale up when required to meet variations in demand.

Experienced Transcribers – We have a team of transcribers who have the potential to manage the project and create accurate transcripts.
Various File Formats – MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, F4V, WMV, MPEG, MPG, etc. are some of the file formats we can easily work on to produce transcripts.

Type of Languages We Offer for Webinar Transcription

Adding transcripts to your published webinars is the ultimate way to spread awareness about your brand or business. We understand result-driven language transcription and its importance. We can transcribe into these many languages.
  • Punjabi Webinar Transcription
  • Hindi Webinar Transcription
  • Urdu Webinar Transcription
  • Bengali Webinar Transcription
  • Tamil Webinar Transcription
  • Telugu Webinar Transcription
  • Malayalam Webinar Transcription
  • Gujarati Webinar Transcription
  • Russian Webinar Transcription
  • Spanish Webinar Transcription
  • French Webinar Transcription
  • German Webinar Transcription
  • Japanese Webinar Transcription
  • Arabic Webinar Transcription
  • Chinese Webinar Transcription
  • Dutch Webinar Transcription
  • And many more..
Producing transcripts is among the superior ways to make sure your content is accessible to everyone. Fruitful transcription help provided by us offers you accurate transcripts so that your audience better retains and understands the information presented.

Benefits of Outsourcing Webinar Transcription Services to Us

Publishing webinars along with the transcripts can help your message reach a wider audience. All you need is the right transcription strategies. Think about outsourcing to us and get these many benefits.

Faster TAT

Our transcriber ensures creating transcripts from the webinar at the fastest turnaround time without compromising the quality.

Native Transcribers

Our team of professional transcribers who are dedicated and experienced. They can deliver top-quality and accurate transcripts.

Quality Control Systems

Our professional QA team and proofreaders will play an important role and check the transcripts for quality.

Data Privacy

To ensure your webinar files remain safe and secure, we are comfortable with signing NDA to provide end-to-end privacy.

Years of Experience

We have huge expertise in dealing with clients from diverse industries and serve top-notch transcription solutions.

Culturally Relevant

We will ensure that the transcripts must meet the values, beliefs, and customs of the specific culture.

Professionally transcribed webinar recordings are quite easy to read, share, search, and can be immediately indexed by search engines. Importantly, they can likewise be easily translated for wider audiences. So, just outsource to us and wait for the quality results.

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    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    We aim to produce transcripts that not just meet the client’s objective, but also must be great in quality and accuracy.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    If your webinar viewers are multilingual, you can have our support. We provide comprehensive language solutions at the best affordable rates.


    We offer this where transcripts come with a certification. This is carried out by certified transcribers who are trained and well-experienced.

    Native Expert

    We have a team of professional native expert transcribers who are equipped with transcribing skills and have the know-how of diverse industries.

    Easy Project

    We conduct project consultation in order to carry out a discussion about your project and what form of transcripts you require.

    Fastest Turnaround

    Our transcribers constantly stay in touch with customers to know their requirements and complete the transcription job with the fastest TAT.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on Webinar Transcription

    Answer: Professional webinar transcription is a great means for many viewers globally to view your webinar content. The technique of converting webinars into texts is webinar transcription. These days, it has become highly popular, with the latest webinar streaming lines coming into after this global pandemic as well as digital data growing massively. We know the popular languages in demand for transcription and provide you with the same.

    Answer: The transcripts will usually be in Times New Roman font, font size 12, as well as justified alignment. If you need any other formatting, we can integrate it if you let us understand your requirements. If you have any templates, you can send us.

    Answer: If you request a time stamp on your transcript, we’ll include visible timestamps in your transcript at the start of the audio and about 2 minutes thereafter. Also, we can have the time stamp included on the transcript on the basis of your request.

    Answer: The team of transcribers at Tridindia are highly skilled and they ensure you give the top-notch quality transcript because they are versed in great need of transcription. The team have extensive experience in webinar transcription solution. Our project manager ensures your webinar transcription project is handled with complete professionalism and efficiency.


    Answer: General turnaround times are around 2-3 business days. If you want the transcripts on the same day, we also provide urgent webinar transcription upon request.


    Answer: If you have any questions about webinar transcription, you can reach out to our professionals at +91-8527599523 or visit our office on the 2nd Floor, H-219, H Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.


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