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We offer the opportunity to be a part of our transcription community and create lasting connections with professionals all over the world with your cutting-edge ability to transcribe video to the multilingual languages that we support namely Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Bengali, Portuguese, Bahasa, French, and others. If you have hands-on experience to these languages and looking for an opportunity where you can showcase your credential then join us immediately!

Department: Transcription
Project Location(s): Delhi NCR Ghaziabad India
Education: Graduation, Post graduation

Job Description :

Please find the detail description of job:

● Upload the video content to the professional software player

● Transcribe all the content seen or hear in the video

● Transcribe an hour video within four hours with a minimum accuracy rating of 97.5%

● Time-code the video script in a stated manner and guidelines

● Insert the appropriate grammar and punctuation as a matter of course

● Execute the proper and rich transcription of video in detailing

● Offers accessibility alternatives to those with hearing impairments

● Internet research as needed to verify the correct spelling of people’s names, places, and terminology

● Create subtitles or closed captions from the video

● Analyze video transcripts for accuracy and verify that the transcript matches the video

● Correct spelling, punctuation, grammatical mistakes in the transcript

● Generate a sheet after review and edit of the transcript

● Ability to learn customized computer systems and handle special projects as needed

● Work well with other team members and delivery the task timely with rich- quality

Skills and Experience :

● Proficient in transcribing any of the above languages

● Should be good at both Verbatim and clean transcription

● Excellent comprehension of multilingual language to transcript the rich video

● Proven accuracy while transcribing the video

● Fast and accurate typing skills

● should be able to type 50-80 words per minute

● Passionate about delivering rich quality based transcription

● Possess expertise in grammar, and punctuation

● Knowledge of how to format text into client-specific requests

● Ability to search for information specific to the client’s needs

● Ability to listen, understand and perform simultaneously

● Ability to synchronize transcript with video/audio recordings

● Comfortable listening to a variety of accents and audio quality issues

● Sound  knowledge of software programs to perform the function of transcription

● Enumerated below is a list of the skills we are looking for a transcriptionist and if you relate to these skills let us know to hire a fruitful asset for our organization.

Job Type: Video Transcriptionist / Video Transcriber
Education – Associate degree in Communications, Journalism, Film or Video Editing
No. of Post – 3
Experience- More than 1 year will be preferable
Salary – Commensurate with candidate experience & skills

We might have a limited post for Video Transcriptionist for multi-languages profile but not limited scope so your earlier response would highly be entertaining. To apply for this post, share your updated CV immediately at or email at Your dream is calling you at TridIndia make your presence feel.