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Tridindia offers premium, express and precise Language Translation Services in all major languages by certified Translators worldwide. As we understand your business is mostly about words, we not only translate language we transform business in the world of words. With Over 18+ years of experience, we are bridging gap with cross cultural communication across the world. Get in touch to explore endless opportunities overseas today!!

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Emerging Need for Language Translation Services

We cannot deny the fact that every language translation requirement comes in a different shape. We know how difficult it is for your company to provide the right information about your products and services to their non-native consumers. We understand how many complexities you face to make non-native patients know what treatment they need. We even know the pain when you fail to run your business operations seamlessly in a different country. There are many such problems that every industry confront just because of the language barrier.

Due to this, we come up with innovative language translation solutions created from collective, collaborative efforts, that gives more confidence for our clients that their communication is effective and powerful. At Tridindia, we have mastered the capabilities needed to produce a high-quality translation. We understand how to efficiently collaborate with native translators as well as use the right approach to achieve compelling results for our clients.

Language Solutions

Serving Translation in 121+ Languages​

We cover more than 100 languages, always choosing a native speaker for translation into the target language to ensure that your translated content is fluent and more natural to the native eye.

Why You Should Invest in Language Translation Services?

Language has the power that enables to people talk easily and understand the emotions and context behind the communication. And language translation services enable businesses to communicate with their target audience with the support of talented linguists.

Companies that are arming themselves with language translation solutions are-

Able to enter the markets that they were restricted to enter because of the language barrier.

Can easily connect with new customer groups that they find difficult to access before by using only one language.

If you are seeking out professional’s help to get better and quick language solutions, you are at the right place. Whether it’s your business contracts, legal documents, medical reports or anything else, we can help you take over the target market with our best-in-class, trusted and efficient language translation solutions. Our expert linguists are equipped with excellent translation skills and they are always ready to meet your translation needs.

Translation Industry

Specialized in Your Specific Industry

We believe that every industry has its own language. Our professional linguists are all specialized in specific industries and equipped with the required expertise to deliver tailored translations to best fit your requirements.

Tourism Translation

We are quick and expert at translating the hotel menus, brochures, travel guides.

Healthcare Translation

Our translators have extensive knowledge in the healthcare translation.

Medical Translation

Our translators are well versed in using the medical terminologies.

Legal Translation

We can translate contracts, patents & legal documents with maximum accuracy level.

Business Translation

We help businesses to reach the target market and audience.

Marketing Translation

We help our clients to build their brand’s reputation in the global market.

Accurate Human Translation Services for Seamless Communication

Translation offers the opportunity to communicate with diverse local and international audiences seamlessly. A human touch to the translation makes the communication even better by maintaining the essence of the original message.

Human translation is crucial!
Projects that require more than just the general understanding of the text and are intended for a global audience, require human translation. By getting these services, you will not just soar your global reach in a way your company or organization has never experienced before.
How is this possible?
As you know, human understands human, so does the human translator who understands the concept, tone, intention, and know how to get an essential emotional response from your target audience. Human translation successfully meets the standards in terms of accuracy and efficiency. By translating the original message in any language rightly, a human translator ensures that your customers find your business responsible towards them and consider their specific needs.
In short, human translation solutions will always be the speciality of human translators for the bright future of any client’s business.






Specialized in Every Challenging Industry
For Translating Your Documents

We believe that every industry has its own language. Our professional linguists are all specialized in specific industries and equipped with the required expertise to deliver tailored and effective document translation to best fit your requirements.

Legal Documents

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Technical Documents

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Business Documents

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Educational Documents

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Immigration Documents

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Medical Documents

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Academic Documents

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Insurance Documents

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Marketing Documents

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Commercial Documents

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Financial Documents

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Court Documents

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Extensive Range of Services offered at Tridindia

We have touched various areas of digital services, from language solutions to online brand promotion, we do it all.


Our team holds specialization in translating varied materials for multiple industries.


Translation isn’t enough to get global. Hence, we localize websites, apps, video games etc.


Capture new markets and niches through multilingual oral communication.


We offer quality solutions from script adaptation to recording and mixing.


We convert all types of audio
files into well-written text without any hassle.


High quality services for motion graphics, animations, TV and movie content.


We offer 99% accuracy even for poor audio quality, difficult content or accents.


Our DTP experts help you grab the final layout of the translated document.

Content Writing

Grab quality and SEO friendly contents for company profile, catalogues, websites etc.
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    As we understand your business is mostly about words, we not only translate language we transform business in the world of words.

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    Certified Translation

    FAQs For Translation

    Frequently Asked Questions on Translation

    Have questions in your mind? Don’t worry! We’ve covered so many queries that are most commonly asked.

    Answer: Our translation solutions are tailored to help your business grow by delivering your message in a clear and quite compelling manner that improves your company’s value.

    Answer: Absolutely. We translate documents of almost every industry type with the help of our native translation specialists who are specialized in different industries.
    Answer: Our talented pool of linguists can efficiently translate into and from more than 100 languages Please visit our languages page for a complete list of languages we translate.
    Answer: All translation charges are estimated per-word basis with the rate being figured out by the language, the turnaround time as well as the subject matter expert.
    Answer: The majority of Tridindia’s translators are certified. Any document that they translate can be certified to serve for any legal purpose.

    Answer: You can send us your document via email. You, don’t need to visit our office to share the original file.

    Answer: We work with the human translators who will translate your document while ensuring quality within the 2-3 days turnaround time.
    Answer: We work with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint files and PDF files. Also, we will deliver the translation in the requested file format.
    Answer: Your project will be assigned to the suitable translator for translation and then to the proofreader for proofreading to ensure no errors occurred during the translation process.
    Answer: Yes, we guarantee that the files you will share will be treated with complete confidentiality. Non Disclosure Agreements are available.
    Answer: If you want an urgent translation, you can request an urgent turnaround through email. Based on the number of source document(s), we will confirm whether a 24 hours turnaround is possible.

    Answer: We are conveniently located in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. You can also reach out to us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]

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    Assured Quality Translation for Our Clients

    Tridindia is exceedingly familiar with translations for education, migration, law, medical, employment, marketing etc. With an abundance of experience in handling translations for migration matters (business visas, visitor and permanent residency visas, etc.), medical reasons (reports, research papers, drug instructions, etc.) and other legal proceedings like applications for divorce and citizenship etc., we handle your every project translation with care and precision.

    We work with certified native translators and experienced proofreaders who guarantee quality while performing and reviewing translation for all the industry types. When it comes to our human translators, we have the best in the industry who have extensive experience in translating from one language to another while keeping up the heart and soul of the message. Choose us to get the best quality translation and rest assured that your translation requirements will be fulfilled with accuracy, professionalism, and lightning speed.

    Role of Our Language Service Providers

    Translating just words from one language to another is not the cup of tea for our language service providers. They put their best efforts to go beyond your expectations.

    How They Work?

    Our adept native linguists not just read the source language, also understand the cultural concept to ensure the meaning of the message remains the same in the target language too. By using the right vocabulary, accurate grammar as well as syntax, they can efficiently translate the message into whatever target language (s) you require. Also, they expertly handle tasks like checking style and formatting to ensure you get a well-formatted translation that meets your industry needs.

    What separates our language service providers from others is that while performing translation, they ensure all your product documentation, websites, marketing communication, labelling. etc is delivered to a professional standard that shows the calibre of your business.



    You Have the Vision to Go Global
    We Have a Way to Take You There!

    Our approach to translation is unparalleled to help your brand experience global success.
    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for language solutions can be your best decision.

    Being an expert in over 100 languages, we have diverse specializations. We aim to fine-tune the process of delivering service quality, accuracy, authenticity, consistency and reliability.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Our quality supervisors make sure that the translated text contains the highest degree of quality and accuracy. Thus, quality checks are initiated.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    When it is about language, we make sure to offer authentic solutions for translation, localization and interpretation for the different business sector.

    Certified Translation Services

    Being a CRISIL rated and ISO certified translation company, we offer certified services for any type of interpretation, translation or localization project.

    Native Expert Translators

    we are able to manage small and large translation projects. We believe that no individual can translate a text so authentically as compared to a native person.

    Easy Project Consultation

    We understand that you may have several doubts in mind before outsourcing translation. Thus, we let the customers talk to the project managers for any of their queries.

    Fastest Turnaround Time

    When it comes to human translations, we always commit for fastest turnaround time, so that the client could implement the further plan of action immediately.

    Why Work with US?

    There are many translation companies but why work with us?

    We can list many reasons to choose and work with us for your translation and other requirements. However, with our mission and vision listed below, you get an idea about our goal towards each project we decide to accomplish.

    a)- Our Vision

    We strive to envision a world where language barriers are seamlessly transcended. Taking every step towards creating a globe devoid of linguistic barriers. Heralding a team of Passionate Linguists, Writers, Managers, Technical Experts and Visionaries.

    b)- Our Mission

    To fine-tune the process of delivering service quality, accuracy, authenticity, consistency and reliability. Set new standards of professionalism, work ethics and efficiency. Reinvigorate our core competency of Multilingual Translation.

    C)- Our Specialization

    Specialization in over 100 global languages with Diverse Specializations. Enviable Client Portfolio in Public and Private Sectors and established Track-Record of Flawless Quality and Fast Turnovers

    Reasons Why Your Company Needs Human Translation Services

    Though free translation tools can get you quick translations of your messages that are effective just for basic communication and to give you an instant idea of what a text actually means in a different language. In contrast, hiring professional human translation services bring you optimum results your business needs. And here are the reasons why you should go for this:

    1. Cultural Relevancy

    Human translation takes care of cultural relevancy while translating the original message. The translated content gets a touch of emotions as well as an appeal that communicates with the locals while considering cultural tastes and nuances.

    2. Understanding of the Context

    Human translation is not all about word-to-word translation. A human translator understands the sentence’s context and translates accordingly in a preferred language.

    3. Quality Guaranteed

    Human translation assures quality translation of the message in the desired language with the help of a human translator who has extensive knowledge of the complex concepts in philosophy, science, technology, finance, music, business, law, and several other fields in order to ensure that the client’s text is correctly understood by its target audiences.

    Humans understand humans to a great extent and we can’t ignore this reality. That’s why we always advise our clients to go for the human translation if they want to become the first choice of their target audiences.


    It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do, has positively reviews.

    A big clientele and a database of positive testimonials encourage us to work harder to meet and extend our client’s expectations.