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High tech Technical Transcription Services are greatly outsourced for knowledge management purposes, i.e. to preserve technical knowledge into well-written documents. Thus, professional transcribers or transcriptionists are highly searched for, for varied short or long term assignments. The value of knowledge inherited by a dedicated and experienced employee cannot be compared with that of the junior level employees. The art of performing a task, the challenges and the solutions to deal with the same – all this can be better understood by the one who has had hands-on experience with all such incidences. But, what will you do if your stalwart employee is going to resign or retire from his/her designation? No wonder, all the processes or work flow that was once organized, will now be messed up, upon his/her departure.

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Thus, keeping this in mind, we offer professional knowledge management services along with transcription, so that the knowledge is not just transferred, but also preserved in written form until ages.

☞ Benefits of Knowledge Management Services

Knowledge Management, basically, implies to the coordination of processes, technology, people and structure of an organization. It is executed by feeding the best practices/ strategies and valuable lessons into the corporate memory. This, in turn, paves way for continual organizational learning. Thus, it is evident that this process is highly beneficial for any organization in a number of ways –

■ Smooth transition of knowledge from retiring to their successors
■ Identification of methods that can be used with the organization, groups and individuals, to manage the intellectual capital or assets
■ Reduction of the loss of corporate memory that may occur due to retirement or attrition
■ Leveraging the specific expertise or knowledge across the organization
■ Solving wicked or intractable problems
■ Boosting network connectivity between external as well as internal individuals
■ Helping employees to obtain pertinent ideas and deeper insights appropriate to their work
■ Facilitating organizational learning and managing innovation

In short, this is a pre-eminent approach towards fulfilling organization’s goals and objectives.

☞ How Transcription Preserves Knowledge?

Although knowledge management will help the organization in fostering a full-fledged learning session, yet it cannot be ascertained that the learning has been completely absorbed by the individuals/ employees. Also, not all people have a memory sharper enough to remember each and detail discussed in the learning session. The technical details, strategies, processes etc must be served in a proper written format. This will help the employees to go through the details, whenever required. Since, transcription is all about converting speech or audio into written format, this will definitely help an entity to safeguard the valuable knowledge.

☞ Professional Technical Transcription from TridIndia – Advantages

Transcription is of prime importance to an organization and when it is delivered by TridIndia, it is certainly a value added facility for you. Some of the advantages of outsourcing technical transcription from us are:

■ 5000+ professional transcriptionists for multiple languages
■ 100% data security
■ Affordable and easy to use solutions
■ Wide understanding of technical terms
■ Access to revised work modules
■ Time stamping services
■ Faster turnaround time
■ Reduced hassles
■ 99% quality assured

☞ Industries Served

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we offer quality driven transcription for all technical sectors. Some of them are mentioned below:

■ Internet security
■ Pharmacogenomics
■ User interface research
■ Biofuels
■ Carbon trading

And more

☞ Streamlined Procedure

The process of technical transcription followed by us is the perfect example of what an organized or streamlined process looks like. We follow a three-step procedure –

1. Assembling information

First of all, we collect info and understand info about what a company actually needs. For this, we analyze the core requirements of the client and embark on a process that helps us understand, learn and execute the services as per your needs.

2. Meeting the goals

After we have understood what you need, we embark on the mission to satisfy your demands. Our transcriptionists work in close coordination with the clients. This helps them to stay aware of the progress of the assignments.

3. Final output

This is the final step where accurate solutions are delivered at the clients’ end.

☞ Native Transcriptionists at Your Service

Backed by a multilingual team of transcribers or transcriptionists, we offer certified transcription in several Indian and foreign languages. Our team will help you preserve or transfer the knowledge from a senior retiring employee to the one at a junior level or the successor. During the learning session, our team can transcribe the info (audio speech) into written text. On the other hand, if you have a recorded audio material and want the same to be transcribe, we can also help you obtain within a shorter time frame. So, contact us today via call, mail or a virtual meeting..!!

We will be pleased to hear from You..!!

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