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How to Multilingual Recruiters Must Apply Onboarding Strategy

If you are a reputed Multilingual Recruitment Agency that is currently in a high-growth mode and recruiting new candidates rapidly, then the onboarding strategy might hold a significant importance for your firm. It’s actually very easy to just welcome the new employees on their very first day and conduct an orientation session describing the list […]
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Major Hiring Trends of a Multilingual Recruitment Agency

Globalization has paved way for varied Hiring Trends of a Multilingual Recruitment Agency. It also infused numerous opportunities for individuals who are well-versed with several languages. The modern globalized world is abounding of bright career options for candidates who can communicate in multiple languages. If you are proficient with the nuances of varied languages, then […]
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Changing Trends in Indian Recruitment Industry

In this VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity Ambiguity) world in which trends are changing and being set every new moment the recruitment process is also changing its form every new day. Gone are the days when people used to look for job ads in newspapers and send in application letters to companies, the entire process now […]
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