What is a Bad Localization And What Makes a Bad Localization?

Global companies that are able to make a successful position in the world are the ones that prefer localization solutions. Localization helps the business to operate its functions in the foreign market according to the customers’ preferences. But in this, bad localization can have devastating results. If your business has decided to undertake a localization […]
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What is Glocalization? [A Complete Guide]

Yes!! glocalization indeed sounds like a mashup word made up by marketers just like internationalization, globalization, and localization. Glocalization has introduced a decade ago when companies took their first step toward tapping foreign markets for more exposure. Companies have realized that adopting a local language is important to explore a new market. Hence, companies now […]
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Translation and Localization: Is Localization A Differ Concept Than Translation?

Companies wishing to adapt their content to a new language usually get confused between two options: translation and localization. While both have the same purpose to modify your brand’s information according to the culture and language of your target audience, translation and localization have two different processes. The terms translation and localization are often used […]
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Localization Vs Translation: Which is a Better Option?

Often people get confused between translation and localization. They believe both of these tasks to be exactly the same, as they help in eliminating the language barrier across the world. Although, this belief is correct to some extent, it is not completely true. Translation and localization do facilitate effective communication among people from different linguistic […]
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