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Top 10 eCommerce Markets: Why You Should Be Targeting?

Online sales continue to emerge. But, who are the top players that are driving the world of online shopping? Let’s find out about the top 10 eCommerce markets and know why you should target them. Extensive use of smartphones, uninterrupted fast internet speed and the pandemic time have led to the global rise of shopping […]
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Localizing for Arab: How to Localize for the Arabic Market?

With 34.84 million Arabic-speaking web users, it isn’t shocking that you have to think of localizing for the Arabic market. Arabic and its various dialects are spoken by approximately 422 million speakers. These numbers show a big opportunity for companies wanting to develop content targeted at Arabic-speaking audiences. Corporations are identifying the need to localize […]
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Importance & Benefits of Internationalization in Business Expansion

Today, most of the marketers feel the need for internationalization because it has been growing steadily in the past years. Many successful companies have leveraged it to make their products & services differentiate in the marketplace. People often get confused between localization and internationalization, but for your information, they both are different. Designing and developing […]
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What is Glocalization? [A Complete Guide]

Yes!! glocalization indeed sounds like a mashup word made up by marketers just like internationalization, globalization, and localization. Glocalization has introduced a decade ago when companies took their first step toward tapping foreign markets for more exposure. Companies have realized that adopting a local language is important to explore a new market. Hence, companies now […]
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How To Make Marketing More Effective in any Economy of any language?

For a marketer, ascertaining best possible answer on how to make marketing more effective requires market research and budget oriented decision. At present, any company can became global (thanks to internet) but coming up with effective marketing strategy, especially in other economies of different languages, requires adaption plus communication strategy. This ensures passing on accurate […]
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