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Top 10 Untranslatable French Words You Must Know

Do you know there are top 10 untranslatable French words you much know before translating your document, website, research papers etc.? What are they? Here is the list for you. What do we usually think of when we think of the French language which sounds very different from English? French sounds highly romantic. This language […]
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The 10 Languages To Learn In 2022 And Upcoming Years

So, you have been eyeing to learn a new language, isn’t it? But, with so many languages in the kitty already, finding the best one seems to be a rather disturbing option. You never know which one to learn and that makes it rather difficult for you. For the best response, try asking translation service […]
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Why Learning English Is Hard And Why You Should Learn?

Most of the time, the English students take this language for granted. It is primarily a significant part of the Indo European Language and most of its words are procured from Ancient Latin and Greek, also spoken commonly in Europe. But for the English learners, this language can prove to be rather tough. Most counties […]
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5 Hacks for Surviving Singapore (Language Learners)

So you’re interested in studying in Singapore, or maybe you’re already even there. Congrats! But it’s a no-brainer that in order to make it in one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, you’ll need some grasp of that seemingly alien language. This is even direr if you’re studying there. So in order to help […]
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