Human Resource

Why Your Business May Need Multilingual Hiring Service

Did you know that about 200% of people in one specific country prefer their native language? That is around 6.6 million people who are really comfortable communicating with others in one or more than 200 non-official languages. So, don’t you then there is a need for multilingual hiring services in your business? In today’s world, […]
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What is Multilingual Hiring Management? [4 Essentials Facts]

Companies with global aim need not only multi-skilled but multilingual employees in their workforce. Hiring people who can interact in different languages is a smart growth plan for globally-minded companies. If your firm targets to increase your business reach both internationally and nationally, it is in your best interest to consider multilingual employees when hiring […]
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Challenges for HR Leaders in Higher Education  

Over the next two decades, there would be a fundamental paradigm shift in the world economy. As the base of the manufacturing continues to shrink, future growth and social welfare will rely increasingly on knowledge-intensive industries and services. As a result, ever more jobs will require a higher education qualification. This scenario will be a […]
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What Are Advanced Practices Covered Under HR Hiring?

People have a very narrow thought when it comes to HR services. For most of them, the work of Human Resource Department is revolving around Hiring. But for this simple task, there are so many sub-categories which these agencies have to focus at. Therefore, it is always important for you to head towards the right […]
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