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Chinese Marketing Strategies: How to Enter in the Chinese Market?

As China continues to grow economically, foreign companies entering the country will find success in attracting Chinese consumers as customers. The Chinese consumer may not respond well to foreign brands due to cultural, normative and belief differences. Marketing staff must carefully study the market in order to survive by introducing similar Chinese products to international […]
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5 Best Countries To Expand Your Business But How To Enter?

This portion of the blog is divided into 2 sections i.e. 5 Best Countries To Expand Your Business and how to enter into this economy. Your business becomes recognizable when you plan to expand to new horizon. There are several things to consider before and creating an effective communication with targeted audiences is certainly one […]
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Can Globalization Happen Without Translation? – Let’s Find Out

A business can even think of neglecting the importance of translation in globalisation to succeed in foreign economy. One must understand the relation between globalisation and translation theory and its impact on business to maintain stability across economy of different languages. In today age, getting Global is quite easier for any company and start up. […]
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Why Global Brands Fail In China and What We Can Learn?

Entrepreneur can strategize their business much better by learning why global brands fail in China and making sure that you do not repeat the same thing. It’s extremely heartbreaking to see when a good global brand fails to make space in targeted market and among of financial loss that they suffer are extremely huge. Have […]
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