Bengali Translation Services Delhi UAE Dubai NCR: Why it is Essential For Your Business?

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What makes an ideal Bengali Translation Services Delhi UAE Dubai NCR and worldwide? This was the most critical concern for us, 14 years back (when we were just beginners in the translation industry). But, with sheer passion and a dexterous team on board, we successfully made our way within a short span of time. Now at present, we are counted among the top-ranked translation entities, which are famous not just for the translation quality, but also for the profound knowledge about the terminologies/jargon used in different domains. While you are with us, we can assure you that our Bengali native translators will fulfill all your translation requirements within time.

Shocking Facts About the Bengali Language

• Bengali constitutes almost 300 million native speakers around the globe.

International Mother Language Day was declared to be celebrated on February 21 for the recognition of the activists and students who sacrificed their lives protesting to gain the right to speak, read and write in their mother language, i.e. Bengali.

• Besides West Bengal, southern Assam, Tripura, and Bangladesh, this language is also spoken by some communities in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Middle East, Australia, United States, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, and the Maldives.

• This language consists of almost 100,000 separate words.

• This language is majorly famous for literature and prose.

Scope of Bengali Translation

1-India: Since it is one of the languages spoken in India; it definitely holds paramount importance in the country. A number of literary works are translated into Bengali, as it is greatly famous in the literature world. In different schools and colleges, Bengali poems are taught, which are translated into their native language.

2-UAE: In the Middle East, you may find some Bengali-speaking communities. Thus, to cater to that proportion of the population, you may definitely need Bengali translation. Many entrepreneurs in the UAE often opt for standard Bengali translation for a number of industries, like agriculture, infrastructure, chemicals, jute, and others.

Domain-Specific Translation

1-Medical translation: Medical translation involves precise translation for clinical studies, regulatory documents, toxicology reports, clinical trials, marketing collaterals, clinical protocols, and much more. A slight mistake in the meaning, context, spelling, or terminology can change the entire meaning of the translated text and thus, can be risky. Thus, we offer quality translation, under-seasoned experts.

2-CAD Translation: We also offer translation for AutoCAD assignments. Generally, contractors, architects, and consultants demand valuable CAD services and translation.

Hence, we provide both the cad services and translation for it. Furthermore, we work on multiple formats to fulfill the clients’ expectations.

3-Android App Translation: One of the domains where translation is increasingly becoming popular is the android app industry. In order to reach out more global customers, an app owner needs to localize the app as per the target niche. Thus, we localize the app and then translate the app in Bengali or any other language specified by the client.

4-Legal Translation: Maintaining tandem with the legal industry, its specifications, and important terminologies; we offer pristine grade legal translation to clients all around the world. Our translators understand the perfect style and tone to translate legal documents. Hence, the documents are in safe hands with us.

Bridging the Language-Industry Gap

Aimed at satisfying all the translation demands of the client, we make sure that the gap between languages and different industries is bridged. One may be fine at translating a specific language, but translating the language in line with an industry’s specifications is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Hence, we have assembled a deft team of translators who are versed in translating a language as per a specific industry.


A top-ranked Bengali Translation Services Company Delhi India UAE Dubai NCR always offers authentic translation with quality and timely delivery assurance.

To know more, call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today.

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