Should You Follow A Career in Translation? Here’s How To Find Out

Choosing a career that actually suits you and makes you happy is one of the hardest tasks of the 21st century. Some of us are unlucky enough to even change a few jobs before finding the right path. But life is like a box of chocolates: you have to try a few sour ones before enjoying ambrosia. If you clicked on this article, you obviously reached that point in your life where you are wondering if your box even has ambrosia, let alone taste it. No worries! Every box has it. Bear with me!

Although globalization is on the crest of a wave, localized content is still valuable. More valuable than you’d imagine actually. For example, smart use of localized content can help brands build a better image among non-English customers. People are probably suffocated by globalization and find brands’ effort to communicate in their language praiseworthy. Therefore, translators are in high demand these days.

So if you do choose to follow this path, you will most certainly be financially safe. So here’s how you’ll know if you should indeed follow a career in translation.

1. You Are Passionate About Languages

This one stands to reason, doesn’t it? Maybe. But there are people that follow this career only because they know it offers financial security. Wrong! This may be the millionth time you hear this, but money can’t bring happiness. The best example is a well-paid job that makes you feel miserable. Being passionate is a must for every career, not only for translation.

Do you enjoy learning languages? Or do you learn new languages with ease? Then you are the right guy/girl for the job.

If you don’t know yet whether you are an aficionado or not, don’t worry! It’s never too late to try something new. Install Mondly – the most innovative language learning app around – and see how much you can learn in one month. The app’s leaderboard, statistics and challenges will help you to better understand and measure your progress.

2. You Love Learning New Things Every Day

Being a translator requires a certain degree of knowledge thirst. Especially if you choose to work for certain brands and translate their content. There will be moments in your life when giving the definition of aluminum die-casting in three languages will be a piece of cake. Are you ready to commit to that? Think about it. Choose wisely.

On the other hand, learning a lot of new things can also be good news. A career in translation doesn’t always translate to complicated texts about sci-fi processes (see what I did there?).

3. You Love Movies And Literature

If you love to read and watch movies (who doesn’t?), this job might suit you just right. You just have to be consistent in your career and you’ll eventually get there. Just imagine the honor of translating your favorite writer’s book! Or landing your dream job as a translator at Netflix? This is indeed an incredibly hard, but rewarding task.

In other words, this one also implies patience. If you don’t think you’ll manage to spend several weeks working on the same task, this career isn’t for you.

4. You Want To Be A Digital Nomad

You’ll say everyone dreams about being a digital nomad, but that’s not true. Most people can’t handle the stress of not feeling the financial security given by a permanent or stable job.

In most cases, having a career in translation will allow you to travel quite a bit. But there’s no pressure involved. You can also work from an office – if that makes you feel safer – or from the comfort of your home. The choice is yours. Where there’s talent, there’s also the possibility of a remote job.

What does this ask of you? Dedication. It’s not enough to want. You have to fight for it.

5. You Enjoy Interacting With Different Cultures

If you genuinely enjoy interacting with new people from different cultures, it’s a good indicator of your high potential as a translator. This career will enable you to share ideas and collaborate with people from all around the world. In this particular situation, it is extremely important to be open to both old and new ideas.

Being able to get out of your comfort zone – culturally speaking – is not something many people can do. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll become the translator of an ambassador.

6. You Enjoy Doing Repetitive Tasks

This one may sound surprising, but some people actually enjoy doing repetitive tasks because the whole process allows their minds to wander freely. Do you have the same opinion on this? Then being a legal or judicial translator is the best job for you.

But why? Here the most honest answer ever: because legal texts are almost always the same. At some point in your career, you’ll be able to easily repeat them by heart. Wouldn’t this be amazing? Doing your everyday job while your mind wanders around Westeros or The Middle Earth?

Now that you’ve got all thrilled and nice, it’s time to take the first step towards your career in translation and add a new language to your skills portfolio!

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