Comparing Work of Certified Translation VS Google Translator

There are plenty of online free tools are available for anyone to translate word into multiple languages but are they accurate enough? Superior work requires superior technique; though there are so many popular platforms such as Google/ Bing translate that could provide instant translation into multiple lingoes but sometimes they provide disappointing results hindering the sentence formation, jeopardizing the entire meaning and leading to misinterpretation.

Many businesses operating at international level are well versed with the vital importance of translation in conveying rightly and precisely across globe in all languages. Today era’s is not about which medium you choose to communicate rather it’s about: are you conveying accurately? Accurate communication helps in maintaining the relationship between clients/ customers/ business partners overseas whereas inaccuracy may result to misleading and chaos or might even affect company’s goodwill.

Availing a service of certified translation over Google (or other) translation has a cutting edge advantage. Let’s understand them:

✓ Correct Translation: Translation provided by Google is not 100 percent accurate. There will be pitfall either in sentence forming or creating a confusing meaning. You don’t want to create a sentence that struggles with words do you because this is exactly what Google does. Professional translation on other hand help business/ individual in providing accurate translation by maintaining the originality and expression of source code.

✓ Confidentiality: Does Google tools offer you non disclosure agreement? Their terms and conditions clearly say Google has the right “to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works and distribute your content. So how you can be so sure that your confidentiality information is secured? A certified translation makes sure that all your legal documents are secure and safe from any third party access; boosting your confident and maintaining your trust.

✓ Cultural Differences: Google is merely a tool that converts one word into another. There are some words or phrases that might sound differently or might convey different meaning in other culture. When it comes to removing cultural hindrances, Google is not that proficient. Only an expert can understand slang and culture of different languages.

A proficient translation might be expensive but you eventually get what you pay for. Global business, in order to promote newly launched product overseas, always look for certified translation in removing cultural and linguistic hurdles; conveying same accurate message around the world. Whether you want to save a buck or you want to save your work, the choice is yours.

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