Chinese Translation Services in Delhi Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad: Why it is Crucial For Your Business?

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Quality committed Chinese Translation Services in Delhi Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad can be rendered as a synonym for TridIndia, as our Chinese translators offer pristine translation for all types of translation and industries. Not just this, we work on several language combinations, as per the demands and specifications of the client. We translate all types of documents into Chinese from any Indian or foreign language and vice versa.

Hence, no matter which type of industry you belong to, which type of translation or language combination you need, we can provide avant-garde solution for all your translation needs.

Facts about Chinese Language

• Chinese is widely spoken as the first language by nearly 1.2 billion people.

• Chinese is native to China, Singapore and Taiwan.

• Some of the most popular varieties of Chinese language include Yue, Hakka, Shanghainese, Cantonese, Ping, Southern Min, Huizhou, Wu, Jin and Gan.

• In ancient time, Chinese was written using ‘Phags-pa script. It is now written using Dungan alphabet (Cyrillic), xiao’erjing (Arabic), Zhuyin Fuhao, Chinese characters, Latin and Braille.

• Most spoken regional groups of Chinese language include Wu, Mandarin, Min and Yue.

Areas of Application of Chinese Translation

Valuable Chinese translation is widely used in multiple industries. Hence, we offer quality manual translation for all industries existing in the business world:

1. Advertising

In order to cater to a larger and multicultural audience, translating the advertisements and promotional material becomes highly important for the marketers. Recognizing this fact, the demand for advertising translation boosted incredibly. Hence, if you are looking for advertisement translation or translation for other marketing collaterals, we can certainly help you out.

2. Mobile Apps

These days, smartphone users have a great craze for mobile apps. Hence, the demand and need of such apps do not require any explanation. Today, with a view to attract a huge base of multilingual audience, companies demand for translating the apps into/ from Chinese. Backed by professional translators, we can provide quality app translation to you within affordable rates.

3. Legal

The field of law demands authentic translation for several scholarly writings and legal documents. Some of the documents that we translate are related to like corporate litigation, patents, mergers & acquisitions, family law, living trusts, employment agreements, contracts, patent infringement and much more.

4. Tourism

Tourism is a giant industry that aims at attracting people from around the world. Thus, to be in the competition race, a marketer has to give proper attention to the translation of different sorts of travel documents. We translate different types of documents like website, tourist guides, magazines, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters and so on.

T for Trust & T for TridIndia

As T stands for trust, in the similar way, T also stands for TridIndia. Thus, you can say, TridIndia and trust go parallel to each other. Since years, we have been delivering quality manual translations for all types of industries, in line with the specific demands mentioned by the clients.

We feel utterly proud to confess that the quality results and professionalism rendered from our end has made us a trusted translation service provider in the global market. To know more, call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today.

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