Chinese Translation Services in Pune Chennai Kolkata Lucknow: Why it is Essential For Your Business?

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Known as a famous Chinese Translation Services in Pune Chennai Kolkata Lucknow, TridIndia has been delivering authentic translation into/ from Chinese language. Whether it is an Indian language or a foreign language, we can easily translate it into Chinese and vice versa. This is possible due to the talent and dedication of our translators’ team. Our team translates all types of documents in all types of language combinations, for all types of industries.

So, while you are with us, you need not to worry about the translation related to any particular industry.

Characteristics of Chinese Language

• Chinese comprises of almost 1.2 billion native speakers.

• This language is native to Taiwan, Singapore and China.

• The regional groups of Chinese numbers between 7 and 13; the most popular is Mandarin.

• Some of the varieties of Chinese language are Hakka, Cantonese, Southern Min, Shanghainese, Yue, Ping, Jin, Wu, Gan and Huizhou.

• This language is written using Zhuyin Fuhao, Dungan alphabet (Cyrillic), Chinese characters, xiao’erjing (Arabic), Braille and Latin. In ancient time, ‘Phags-pa script was used.

Wide Horizon of Chinese Translation

1. Legal Translation

One of the most critical and demanded translations is the valuable legal translation. It involves translating documents that are related to the field of law. We translate all types of legal documents like corporate litigation, mergers & acquisitions, patents, contracts and much more.

2. App Translation

The huge need and demand of android apps is something that needs no explanation. Due to this huge demand, the mobile apps are translated into/ from Chinese, in big numbers. We can assure you quality manual Chinese translation within a specified time frame and affordable rates.

3. Technical Translation

All the technical documents like manuals, data sheets and bill of materials are translated at TridIndia. No matter, which format, language combination or industry you are looking for; we can render you quality translation within the stipulated time frame.

4. Advertising Translation

We also deal in the translation of the advertisements. Translating the ads is really important to cater to a larger and multicultural audience. Hence, the targeting becomes easy and you gain a massive base of customers plus higher brand recognition and sales.

Key to Language Problems

TridIndia serves as the key to all your linguistic requirements. With expertise in more than 150 languages and dialects, we can offer a smooth solution to the entrepreneurs dealing in different industries or domains. Not just this, we guarantee you a rigorous quality check through professional QC supervisors, who make sure that the final output is authentic and free from flaws.

To know more, call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today.

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