Why Hindi Translation is Incomplete Without Creativity

A common myth about translation is that it is very straightforward and easy process with just a little input from the translator. Also, the translator is regarded as a mere channel to transform one language into another. However, all such myths are far away from truth. There are certain subject matters where translation and the creative process are virtually indivisible; one of them being quality Hindi Language Translation for literary art form (prose, verse etc.). Thus, a deft and professional Hindi translator instills a healthy dose of creativity into his translation task.

Need of Creativeness

• In cultural context

Creativity is the major element that facilitates a talented translator to deal with some of the common issues in translating. It is often seen that a translator is torn between representing form versus content. Hence, Creativity is the only way out to create a harmonious balance between the two. This makes the whole process an art rather than science. Further, accurate translations necessitate conveying the precise meaning of the original text in accordance with cultural context. Some idioms and sayings in one language might not exist in other languages.

• In literature/poetry

Another difficulty in translation tasks is to translate poetry. A literal and outright translation will simply not serve the purpose. Qualitative literary translation advocates for various factors to consider, such as rhythm, imagery, flow and rhyming. The simultaneously translating one language to another and maintaining every aspect of the original text is a daunting task in itself. Thus, a word-to-word translation is not a testament to accurate results and requires for the input of creativeness in translations.

Identifying the Right Amount of Creativeness

As too much or too little can be undesirable for anything; thus, identifying the correct amount of creativeness in the translations is very important, if you wish to result into error-free Hindi Language Translation. Further, adding creativity does not imply adding your thoughts and perceptions; rather it just advocates for eliminating the use of word-to-word and retaining the essence and meaning of the original text into the translated one. You just need to ensure that the translated text has just the right amount of creativity.

To accomplish this successfully, you must have a firm hold over the target language as well as the source language. Additionally, it requires comprehensive cultural knowledge for both the languages.


Always remember that while you are translating any document, don’t just focus on the words; rather, interpret the same as per the cultural context, as well. And also ensure creativity for retaining the precise meaning in the translated version.

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