Vital Tips To Translation Culture And Context

The act of translation must be done with respect to culture and context of the country. Organization/ individuals has wrong perception of translation by thinking that it’s merely a tool to convert one language to another and that’s it the work is done.

Unfortunately and sadly they are wrong and by the time they realize it’s too late. One must understand that it was the culture that gives the birth to language not vice versa. There are some phrases that might appear easy to translate but it might contain culture constraints that might have off-putting effect on audience.

Organizations around the world take deep interest in culture context in order to avoid dangerous and critical meaning. No matter how high quality your content is, without the knowledge of culture and tradition you won’t be able to engage your target market and won’t be generate any loyalty. The role of culture in translation plays an important part in developing trust and personal touch among audiences of different languages.

Here are some important tips to consider to have effective translation services.

1- Avoid the Traditional Translation Method

First you need to avoid the above process and must broad your mind by thinking logically. Translation is not about converting one language into another but a wider concept to ensure that accurate message is being carried forward without any cultural hindrances to multilingual audiences.

This involves various analyses of each words, sentence formation, meaning and information. Only then it will be considered a good going content.

2- Culture Appropriate Images

Though it’s true that images can convey thousands words but an image which is not appropriate will also tell thousands misconception. It is very important to review the website images for any offensive, chaotic or irrelevant content; that might affect someone emotionally.

This is a beneficial tip as it results into: Increasing brand value, increasing traffic and customer base, increasing trustworthiness and makes your organization valuable in the eye of customers.

3- Proper Symbol

Besides texts and images, there’s another thing one need to focus on and that it’s symbols. Symbols could be date, time, body gesture, currencies and other things. Every symbol tells different meaning in every country. Spend time in preparing the symbol for each country to create correct and relevant meaning.

Adapting and formatting sign, representation or symbol with respect to other language makes your content acceptable and sensible.


A well translated content by keeping in mind the culture and context of a particular country have several advantages specially to get a strong customer base.

Many organizations also take advantage of professional translation and make sure their marketing content is making right sense and does not jeopardize that brand value or organizational product.

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