What Are The Differences Between Editing And Proofreading?

Your boss already told you that you always have to proofread before submitting your work! There must be some reason behind that! Even though you may not admit it always, but sometimes you might get this weird question in mind; what is proofreading by the way? Why is it so necessary to impress clients and bag some good projects for business growth? What are the procedures involved in proofreading and why do you even bother about it? Well, now you can get all the answers straight once you have experts explaining everything you need to know about this service.

Not Same As Editing

People think that Proofreading is similar to editing, but the reality is not the same. In generic term, proofreading is often the best way to review the final draft of writing for ensuring accuracy and consistency in spelling, grammar, formatting and punctuation.

More On Traditional Proofreading

There are some points, which might be clouding people’s thoughts on what exactly proofreading entails. This kind of service is used in different manner and in multiple fields.

● For any person associated with the world of publishing house, the last option related to revision of manuscript has to be proofreading, before it goes to the printing department.

● The proof reader is the one in this regard and held responsible for comparing the proofs, along with the manuscript’s printed version for the page numbers, formatting, headers and more, which are to be added in the final edition.

● It must be associated with the edited copy for ensuring that no errors have been quite introduced by printing or formatting.

Kinds Of Errors Fixed After Identifying While Proofreading

By the time when the document has been proofread it must have been edited quite proficiently. It means the content in the document is well organized and properly written, just to make it quite easy to understand. Editing might also involve removing some errors, but the main focus will be in making sure that the entire document is known to make quite some sense in this regard.

■ On the other hand, you have proofreading to go with. It is about finding some errors in large and small, which might have been missed or introduced in the content in times of editing.

■ It is always the main job of the proof readers to ensure that the selected document in this regard happens to be the final draft and it needs to be absolutely free of any kind of grammatical error.

■ It should not have any kind of incorrect choice of work, verb or subject based agreement problems, improper use of punctuation or even incorrect form of spelling.

■ It should not have any kind of typographic or formatting error. It is the job of a proof reader to look after that. Not only that but he should see that the chosen document in question must adhere to all the chosen forms of style guides well.

Unlike any of the traditional proof readers in the field of publishing houses, there are some document proof readers available too. Their Proofreading services are not quite restricted to the number of revisions, which can easily make to a promising document as there must not be any elevated form of proofreading costs as related to making some of the mandatory changes around here.

However, there are some instances when the proof readers might find that majority of the documents is in need of extensive changes. During such processes, they are likely to give that document back to the editor for a second round of editing before actually working on the changes all over again.

Always The Last Step

Whenever people are thinking about proofreading, they are actually heading towards the ways or process to check on any document for typographic mistakes, grammatical errors or even any kind of formatting issue. But in reality, proof reading always needs to be the last step in the lot, before the product hits the market for the people and readers. The proof reader is the one, leading on top of an editor. So, it is always mandatory to distinguish between an editor and proof reader first if you actually want to understand the real meaning of this service for sure and right on time as always.

Less Extensive Than Editing

Proofreading is always less extensive when compared to editing. But it always forms an important step in the field of publishing any document for your individual use or for your company. Any form of error can cause some serious confusion. So, to avoid that, editing along with proofreading is a must!

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