German Translation Services in Pune Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad: Why it is Beneficial For Your Business?

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Started up as a German Translation Services in Pune Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad, we are now a premium translation service provider with premium German translators’ team that is responsible for offering quality translations in varied language combinations. Translating into/ from German language has always been our forte. Hence, we provide the translation for different industries like oil and gas, media, hospitality, IT, medical and so on. Further, after translation, the translated text undergoes a stringent quality check series that ensures that the outcome is devoid of any errors.

This is the reason why big brands and names are associated with us. Some of them are Tata, BHEL, Schneider electric, NIIT Technologies, Flowserve, Emerson, HP and Petrofac.

Surprising Features of German Language

• German is majorly spoken in Central Europe and is considered to be the official language in South Tyrol (Italy), Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

• Almost 95 million people speak German as their first language.

• This language is taught as a foreign language in US and EU.

• Books in German language comprises nearly one tenth of the total books published in the world.

• Languages that are similar to German include Afrikaans, Dutch and English.

Applications of German Translation

German translation is used in several industries. Thus, we provide the same in almost all industries. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. E-Learning

Centric elearning translation has become an important aspect for marketers, companies and institutions. Most of the companies get their e-learning materials localized and translated to provide relevant information to the customers and diverse workforce.

Hence, we translate all types of e-learning materials in several language combinations.

2. Media

Our translators are well-versed in translating varied types of media related documents. Since, years we are translating a diverse pool of documents like press release, news articles, corporate communications, brochures and various others.

Further, the translated documents are checked on different quality parameters; thereby delivering you an error-free translation outcome.

3. Healthcare

Doctors, patients, clinicians and regulatory representatives often require consistent medical translation. It involves the translation of varied documents like Physician manuals, Patent applications, Company newsletters, Study drug labels and Case Report Forms.

Hence, to translate such documents, we have a team of experienced medical translators who have minimum 5 years of experience in the industry.

4. Real Estate

In the real estate industry too, the translation holds significant importance, as it is the only source for eliminating the language barriers. With expertise in translating all types of documents, we have gained a reputable position in the marketplace.

Hence, if you have any requirements for such type of translation, you know where to go.

Translations as Per Your Needs

We offer expert German translations as per your needs and specifications. Hence, no matter which type of translation you need, we will provide you the same with the highest level of quality intact in it. Further, we deliver the translation within stipulated time frame and budget. So, you get quality at just affordable rates.

With this, we can assure you that TridIndia will always be there for you, whenever you need multilingual translations. To know more, call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today.

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