How to Boost the Team Morale Even After a Setback

When your business is in the booming period, the intrinsic morale of employees usually soars automatically. Also, everyone seems to be basking in the company’s success, by getting bonuses and hiring assistants to strengthen their team even more. On the contrary, a bad news for the company makes the employees disheartened. At that point of time, it is the responsibility of the company’s owner and the team leader to guide and assure the team mates that ‘we have the capability to lead the company through this rough patch’.

Through such motivation and guidance, your employees can fight bravely with the severe downturns or legal setbacks. According to a senior consultant in a professional HR recruitment consultancy, a team leader or company owner must keep some factors in mind, such as the ones mentioned below, to build up their team morale and work towards productivity:

1. Keep the Communication ‘On’

During a setback, it is very critical to keep the communication channels open. Your employees might get the information, either through social media or between secret talks among certain team mates. So, to make sure that your employees are aware with the correct information, it is important that you keep communicating the issues with your team/employees.

2. Set up Guidelines

At the time of crisis, you team will look up to for your guidance. Hence, tell them what you expect from them and set up guideless for everyone. This would direct the team and head them towards assured results. With this, you will slowly accomplish the amount of discipline portrayed by your team in such adverse situation.

3. Keep Emphasizing on Positives

A manager or a team leader must make sure that he/she pin-points the positive results that their team might have done earlier. Motivating the team by reminding them their earlier successes is a great idea to inspire and promote zeal in the employees to come up with the same successful results once more, to get out of the setback.

4. Set Course of Action

Once it is identified that what are the main causes of the setback, the team must be prepared to work on the planned course of action. This will help in sustaining in the bad times of the company. The planned course of action must be appropriately shared amongst the varied teams and also a relevant training session must be initiated.

5. Lead and Inspire

Lead your team and inspire them with your deeds. Simply uttering motivational words will not help significantly. You need to show the team that you are here to support them, not as a boss, but as a colleague. Break the barriers of hierarchy and join the team. Remember, you cannot expect your team to fight your battle alone. You also need to stand by their side.

Parting Thoughts

There is no single best way to boost the employee morale and pull out your organization from the tough situations. Some employees will easily manage in these circumstances, while some will continuously complain about one or other thing. Hence, it is your responsibility to customize your behavior and guide the team in the most effective manner.

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