How To Choose A Transcription Service? – A Detailed Research

Unless you have a talented and properly trained team, working on transcription service seems to be a difficult task. In terms of transcription service, you have multiple options. There are so many companies around globe offering comprehensive transcription services in various forms. When you are currently eyeing for a provider, it is mandatory to find one that matches your specified needs with proper turnaround time, cost and accuracy. So, it is vital to check on attributes of a good service provider, and how he or she can help in covering your needs well.

Certain Factors To Consider:

There are some impeccable factors, which you have to consider before evaluating a transcription service provider. It is vital to judge how well the provider can matches up following criteria well before you can finalize the outsourced decision, designed for your current project.

1. Be Sure Of The Quality And Assurance

It is mandatory that your transcriptions are available in highest possible services, with error-free practices and proof read practices covered well. For that, it is mandatory to head for a sample first. This will help you to gauge on the matter properly before actually committing to reach to the provider of your choice.

2. Accuracy Of The Job

You need to be sure that your selected service provider is able to offer 99% accurate results. You can always expect minimum 99% accuracy from the selected team. In case the chosen service provider is advertising higher accuracy, find out if they are able to guarantee their services. You have to check on the robust quality of the controlling processes and if they are ISO certified name for you to select.

3. What Exactly You Are Looking For

Video and audio transcriptions might present you with variables, which can increase the cost and complexities of project. Understanding what exactly you are looking for can help you find the right service provider.

First of all, you need to check on the accurate cost estimate. After that, compare each one of the transcription service with one another before finalizing on a service.

The transcription type, turnaround time, specified industry you are associated with and some of the add-on practices like searchable files or copy editing are some of the other points to address in this regard. Be sure how much time the agencies are taking to cover all these projects and how much it is asking for.

In case, you are right in middle of project crisis and willing to get the projects covered right on time, then you are asking for “rush hour” job. See if your chosen transcription agency can help you with that or not and how much the members are charging for it. After that, head for the best help.

These basic points might work great in helping you make the right choice with the transcription agency to cover your needs well.

4. Focus On Reliable Sources

You might not need to cover a large volume of the transcription help. But ensure that your chosen company is able to scale the project if asked for. They must have enough resources in hand to work on larger projects whenever asked for.

It might help in reducing risks of lower quality transcriptions right at the same time. It is mandatory for you to verify skills of these members as related to the language skills, typing and listening skills. These are likely to be verified with some credit requests and sample projects.

5. Simplified Form Of Pricing

There are some transcription providers offering you with combined price package for all the current services available. They are the right one for you to choose. Some might go for hidden costs as related to the add-ons you are insisted on adding. If the pricing turns out to be more variable than usual, it will be harder for you to afford their services and decide on the practices to choose. So, always head for simplified pricing form to avoid any issue later.

Following these points can simply help you to select the best transcription service among so many options available these days. Make sure to create a checklist of your choice first and then opt for the right selection. Remember to check on these features first before making a choice.

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