List of Indian Languages You Didn’t Use for Business Expansion

India is a huge and diverse country, with a surprising list of Indian languages spoken by people from different communities. Hence, entrepreneurs – both in India and abroad – have great opportunities for catering to different segments and expanding their business reach. Apart from Hindi, English is a major language of India and is used as the most useful language for business in India.

But, as the competition is increasing, business owners are getting more focused on their domestic and international marketing strategies. Thus, they are switching from English to other languages, in order to connect with a specific niche, talking to them in their regional language.

Why You Need To Revise Your Choice Of Language?

If you choose only English to cater the Indian market, you must revise your choice, as other business owners too, think like the way you do. This in turn, increases the competition level and you remain behind in the crowd. So, to stand out in the crowd, you need to make use of different languages that you were ignoring till date. Not all people can understand English or even Hindi (in a fluent manner).

Thus, you need to go deep into the Indian languages and talk to your customers in their regional language. Here are some of the lesser used or lesser known languages in India that should consider to make more business and increase brand recognition –

1. Ho Language

Native to India (West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Bihar) and Bangladesh, this language is spoken by nearly 1.04 million people, according to 2001 census. Thus, promoting your business can be highly beneficial through the language.

2. Saurashtra Language

Native to 190,000 people (2001 census), this language is widely spoken in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. You may find predominant presence of Saurashtrians in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Basically, you may find the native people in different regions of South India.

3. Bundeli Language

It is the famous language of Bundelkhand in India. With 3.1 million native speakers, it is known to be spoken in Damoh, Vidisha, Chattarpur, Gwalior, Ashoknagar, Panna, Sagar, Hamirpur, Narsinghpur, Jalaun, Tikamgarh, Jhansi, Jabalpur, Chitrakoot, Hoshangbad, Lalitpur, Banda, Bhopal and Mahoba.

4. Khasi Language

It is spoken primarily in the Indian state of Meghalaya. Apart from the 1.6 million Khasi speakers in Meghalaya, you may also find some people in the hill districts of Assam and Bangladesh to be speaking in this language.

5. Marwari Language

This language majorly belongs to the region of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sindh and Haryana. Not just this, the language has significant amount of speakers in Pakistan and Nepal (i.e. the Migrant communities). Further, it is spoken by almost 22 million people (2001 census – 2007).

6. Dogri language

This is one the major languages for business owners to consider and is widely spoken in Jammu, Gurdaspur/Pathankot, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. It is one of the languages in Western Pahari group of languages and has almost 4.0 million native speakers (1996 – 2001 census).

7. Tulu language

As per 2001 census, the language has nearly 1.7 million native speakers in Tulu Nadu, Kasaragod district, few Gulf countries, Bangalore and Maharashtra. Hence, the language can be used to target a significant amount of people and turn them into loyal consumers.

Explore Your Niche!!

Start exploring your niche. Start getting closer to your audience. If you’ll be more authentic and correct in your approach, they will be attached to your brand and you’ll be able to make more money. So, look for more language options and find new segments that were uncovered.

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