Interview For Chinese Translation – Prepare These 4 Questions

It is needless to describe the importance of Chinese language in the business world today. Every other individual knows that Chinese is one of the most important languages that is highly utilized and translated for business expansion. Thus, if you are preparing to be hired as a Chinese translator and nervous about the interview, then you must necessarily know the key questions that are always asked to a translator.

Some of those important questions are:

1. Are You Aware Of the Specialized Terminologies?

Specialized terminologies and languages are the subsets of the target language. You have the knowledge about the Chinese language; it’s perfect. But, the main concern during the interview would be judging you on the basis of your knowledge for the specialized languages in legal, medical and technical Chinese. A professional Chinese language translation company always looks for a Chinese translation expert who is aware of the nitty gritty of specialized fields.

2. Do You Have Any Past Experience In Translation Industry?

Due to the huge demand of Chinese translation, firms usually prefer experienced Chinese translators. They often hire translators with 5 or 10 years of experience. However, if you have special talent in you and show great examples of your knowledge about the Chinese language, then might be you get a chance to be selected. Complete knowledge about the different dialects is highly preferred, as china is huge investment sector for the investors. So, various assignments sprang up per year.

3. Are You Capable Of Reviewing And Proof-Reading?

One such talent that every firm looks in a Chinese translator is the ability to review and proof-read the translated text. Obviously, a firm would not like to invest in a translator and then a proof reader. If the company gets the advantage of both the roles in you, then you will be surely an asset for the company. So, be prepared for this question and improve your skills accordingly.

4. Are you familiar with the Chinese culture?

To be a part of quality translation services in Chinese language, you need to have the complete knowledge about the Chinese culture. Your interviewer would expect you to have every small information about the culture. Even if you are not the native translator, then also the complete cultural knowledge is expected, as translation without cultural knowledge is worthless.

Start Practicing

If you are ready with your answers for all the above 4 questions, then it is probably the right time to start the hunting journey for a translator job. However, it is necessary that your answers must depict your knowledge, talent, skills and expertise about the language. If you feel that still some of the skills are missing, then first of all, master them and then head on to the interview. You will surely get success.

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