5 Factless Italian Translation Myths That Should Be Ignored

Italy is well known around the world, due to its fashion sense and a number of industries. Its official language, i.e. the Italian language is also a recognized language around the world, as it spoken by approximately 85 million people across the world. Not just this, this language is among the most taught languages in the world. Hence, it becomes obvious that the popularity of this language is immense. But, when it comes to translation, people generally have some myths about it and tend to ignore it due to one reason or the other.

Some of the major myths are:

1. All Types of Translation and Its Agencies are Very Similar

People or some marketers feel that all the translation firms are one and the same. They feel that if sometime they require any translation, then any firm will do. They do not understand that the mark of a professional Italian translation company lies in the fact that it has a superb team of native translators with apt knowledge in various subject matters.

2. It Is Restricted To Translation for Fashion Industry

As mentioned above, Italy is widely known for its great fashion sense. So, people often think that this translation is just appropriate for those business owners who deal in the fashion industry and wish for a business expansion. But, it is not at all true. It can be used in a number of industrial sectors.

3. Machine Translation Would Be Profitable

The marketers also have a myth that a machine translation would be more profitable and quicker. The fact is that, machine translation in comparison to human translation, does not offer quality. The Italian language is very peculiar in terms of vocabulary and follows different Italian dialects. This is very difficult for a machine to understand. Also, a machine does not understand about the culture of Italy.

4. Italian Translation is Only Limited to Italy

Some business owners have a misconception that translation services in Italian language are only limited for business expansion in Italy. They do not know that, with this translation, they can target the market of Switzerland, Vatican City and San Marino as well. Also, the Italian documents can be easily translated into any Indian or foreign language.

5. It Does Not Comply With the Target Culture

This is also one of the myths that some business firms have. Actually the extent of localizing the translation as per the target culture totally depends on the expertise of the agency that you hire. So, if you outsource translation services, then it is your duty to make sure that the agency has all the expertise to incorporate the Italian culture in the translated text.


Italian translation is very effective and useful in all the major sectors and industries. The myths are just myths and not reality. It is you who has to understand the difference between the two and utilize the translation wisely for not just expanding globally, but also make your brand, well known.

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