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People are dealing with lots of challenges due to language diversity in Texas, United States, and diverse state population. With the shifting of Texas’s demographics, the total numbers of languages spoken here are also increasing. Among 23.7 million citizens (age 5 years old and more), over 3rd use other languages than English in Texas. One of the main reasons behind the diversity of languages is the changing immigration patterns.

What Is Language Diversity?

Linguistic or language diversity has become the topic of discussion for organizations, linguistic researchers, and all. It is a way to discuss various kinds of habits or traits such as dialects family, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and etc.

Language provides a means of communication, allowing people to express thoughts, emotions, and feelings. But, the diversity in the lingo spoken can create an issue in conveying the message to another person or a group of people. Variety of languages spoken within a small metropolitan area is creating an obstacle for companies targeting global market in all sectors. For instance, in the Texas area, public schools are also dealing with some of the difficult challenges related to the use of multiple languages. If you got tired to make language learning fun for your personnel and train them in various languages, then you can approach the best ways of translation. The professionally-trained expert translates all types of content in the targeted language keeping the original meaning same.

Interesting Facts About Language Diversity In Texas

1). By the year 2015, around 7.25 million of Texas citizens speak Spanish i.e. they are the native Spanish speaker.

2). The number of languages used in Texas households has extended to more than 164 in the last US census count.

3). 3 of top 10 highly populated metropolis in the U.S are situated in Texas by 2018.

4). 8.61 million people in Texas speak languages other than English in 2015.

5). LEP (Limited English Proficient) citizens are counted for over 1/3 of the entire population that includes people age 5 and above than 5 years in 9 counties. 7 of these 9 counties were situated in Texas. The counties with the percentage of LEP residents are mentioned in the table given below :

Counties Located in Texas Highest Share of LEP Residents (%)
Webb County, Texas 44%
Starr County, Texas 51%
Zapata County, Texas 42%
Maverick County, Texas 46%

6). Mexico becomes the natal nation of about 2.59 million Texas citizens.

7). According to count in 2018, Texas would be considered as world’s 40th largest nation, if it was a country.

Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken In Texas

If you are wondering which languages to learn to effectively communicate in Texas, then give a look at the table given below. This is a breakdown of top 10 languages spoken in Texas other than English.

Language Number of speakers
Spanish 7.37M
Vietnamese 206K
Chinese 159K
Tagalog 80.2K
Urdu 71.9K
Hindi 69.7K
French 69.2K
Arabic 68.1K
German 63.6K
Korean 56.7K

Languages Used/Spoken At Home In Large Counties Of Texas (2009 – 2013)

All the counties in Texas have a different share of residents speaking varying languages. Hence, making a command over a specific lingo cannot help companies targeting multiple regions. Following are the 5 most populated metropolitan areas of Texas with the share of most spoken future language there.

Most Populated Counties Of Texas English Spanish Others
Bexar 58% 38% 4%
Dallas 59% 34% 7%
Harris 57% 34% 8%
Travis 69% 24% 7%
Tarrant 72% 21% 7%

Among all these major counties, Harris has the highest share of citizens speaking languages other than Spanish and English.

Note: The numbers would not extend up to 100% all the time, due to their rounding.

Diverse Population In Texas

It’s not a surprising term that Texas has a large population. In a recent count, it’s estimated that the population is 28.70 million in 2018. Among the total population, 49.6% are males and 50.4% are females. The growth of population in Texas is increasing at an improved rate. In 2016, its population was 27.4 million – an extremely high growth rate. In terms of racial diversity, 74.8% of the population is of Caucasian, .5% Native North Americans, 11.9% African American, 4.4% Asian, 2.5% two or more races, and 5.8% other races.

Year Population Change
1850 212,592 0.00%
1900 3,048,710 3.15%
1950 7,711,194 1.86%
2000 20,851,820 2.07%
2010 25,241,648 1.93%
2012 26,078,327 1.69%
2014 26,954,436 1.79%
2016 27,904,862 1.64%
2018 28,704,330 1.41%
2020 29,503,798 1.37%

Observing the above facts, it is believed that Texas will experience a significant jump in its population at the next census. At present, 5 of the 15 fastest-growing metropolitan regions in the US are in Texas. It is estimated that by 2040, it’s population will reach above 45 million.

How Translation Can Help Business In Coping With Language Diversity?

One of the difficulties that companies face while working with staff, client, or customers speaking another language, is the inability to reach the full potential. Language diversity makes it difficult to direct and instruct the employees, promote the product or service in the global market, convey the future business plans with foreign clients, and extend the business presence. All of these challenges are making companies to hire certified multilingual professional, ensuring they possess all top language translators habits such as accuracy, language interest, translation skills, industry experience, professionalism, linguistic skills, language qualification, etc.

By overcoming the language barriers through translation, you can provide various benefits to your business including but not limited to the following –

Guarantee clear and accurate communication with new and existing clients & customers, ensuring all people get the right message.

 Reduce the possibility of misunderstandings with business associates.
Extend the business reach and customers’ base at the international level.
Effectively promote the brand or service in any market.
Facilitate the best response during business negotiations.
Meet the global business ethics, regulations, and standards.

At TridIndia, you can get the most excellent solutions for your language issues. The team of human translators performs the content conversion in the required language manually to ensure utmost accuracy. All of the translators are native speakers, and possess detailed knowledge of the subject matter. You can avail the solutions of translation by working with an expert, who understands the languages spoken in Texas, and other locations.

The plus point of outsourcing the translating needs is that you can simply focus on your other important business aspects. You remain assure that a reliable expert is translating the content into the desired lingo accurately on your behalf. Therefore, send an email at contact us or reach professionals in any convenient way you want.

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