Do You Know the Legal Translation and Its Importance?

Are you bitten by the legal bug, wanting you to submit a translated legal document? If yes then you need to understand legal translation and its importance.

About 60% of people around the world use a language other than English at home and with the emergence of global commerce, the requirement for multilingual contracts, tenders, forms, and other legal documents is massively growing. Legal translation is complicated for public organizations and businesses. Even small mistakes in the translation can lead to legal exposure, consuming a lot of time and money, and putting reputations at risk. This is the reason why professional legal translation is must. In this article, we will read about legal translation and its importance.

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Legal Translation

This task consists of the translation of texts that are legal in nature, like contracts, statutes, wills,patents, and so on. Because of the nature of this work, it deals with many legal terms and issues. The documents that are submitted for legal translation are later utilized in legal proceedings hence the initial meaning, in the actual formal must be maintained. Here, a reputed legal translation company can help you massively.

The Importance Of Legal Translation In 6 Essential Documents

Errors in legal translation could lead to judgments that can affect people, diplomatic relations, national security, and so on. So, choosing a professional translator is very important. Listed below is the importance of legal translation in 6 essential legal documents.

1. Licenses Translation:

Licenses are legal documents that show that a specific standard has been met and certified by a governing body. A marriage license may look trivial, but in a world full of legalities, you need to make sure your marriage is recognized.

Further, there are countries that will not permit women and men to share lodgings if they are not married. Professional licenses show your qualification to execute a service or task. If you want to teach overseas, you have to deliver a teaching certificate. The same would be true for a doctor, dentist, lawyer, or other experts. Business licenses, import/export licenses, driver licenses are a few others that you might want to have translated.

Legal translation especially of licenses is very important as this represents your identity.

2. Certificates Translation:

A birth certificate is an official government record that tells you are you. A translated birth certificate is essential when adopting a child overseas or getting married, applying for dual citizenship, or receiving an inheritance.

The majority of student visas and work need a birth certificate also. An international certificate of immunization is also needed in many countries. These are essential not only for humans but also for animals you may want to travel with. Hence, it’s important to have a legal certificate translation professional who can translate all your documents accurately.

3. Transcripts Translation:

Educational documents are essential for many reasons while transcripts, traveling, and diplomas must be translated to be accepted in most foreign lands. Governments need to verify that you have the education to support your certification if you will be working in their country. To make them understand your qualification, you need to translate your educational documents in their native language.

For example, If you are applying to study in their schools, they have to know what study you have already done.

4. Financial Records Translation:

It is very important to have financial records, besides, just like English is not the only language in the world, the US dollar is just not the only currency. Financial document translation verifies that figures and facts surrounding your finances and managing your transactions are accurately understood. Hiring a legal translation company will assure you that your financial documents will be translated accurately.

Countries need to know that you have the means to support yourself if you will be living in their country and that you have the proven business savvy to manage a company before establishing a brand in their land. That’s why to making them understand translation of financial records is very important.

5. Patents Translation:

When patenting products, information, and ideas, it is important that patent applications are translated into all appropriate languages. These legal documents basically need a very specialized translator to make sure the patents meet the legal needs of all the countries involved.

Patent applications are notorious for their stringent translating needs. Even faulty line spacing or errant punctuation could be sufficient to invalidate the document.

6. Immigration Documents Translation:

If you have emigrated from one country to another, it is obvious that a complete and full set of immigration documents are translated into other countries into which you may study or move. Immigration documentation is a very complicated system and the documentation is mostly confusing since it differs too greatly from country to country. Be certain to speak with a representative of the receiving country to justify which documents are needed and then select the best among the top legal document translation providers.


The translation of legal documents is a very specialized thing. The documents mentioned above are not only the most basic documents that need translating, but there are documents that mostly need a specific type of translation service. Many skills are at play when translating legal documents, and the translator must be perfect for the job. And when it comes to legal translation, no one could be better than Tridindia. We ensure you of accuracy and professionalism in your translations, created by native speakers who are subject matter experts. We provide you successful results within time.

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