A Pure Linguists’ Guide to Understand Dialect Grammar Rules

Often, it is believed that only languages have grammar and not the dialects within the languages. However, this is not true. All the dialects, whether traditional or contemporary have certain grammar rules that every linguist should know. The languages have certain set of rules that are applied while speaking or practicing the language, and so does the dialects. Hence, if you are a translator, language learner or even a business owner; you must know the different types of languages, their regional dialects and the grammar rules within.

Listed below are some of the dialects that are not much known today, but certainly hold importance for a linguist:

1. African-American English

According to the language experts, this dialect is borne to a number of features and attributes. Some of the major English translation services providers say that this dialect focuses on the word BIN. This is different from the word BEEN. If you study about this, you’ll find that ‘bin’ is used in varied sentences like ‘she bin married’. It might resemble like ‘she has been married’. But, both the sentences differ in their meaning. The word ‘bin’ represents a remote past tense. It can also be used at places where ‘been’ is not usually used.

2. Appalachian English

The dialect Appalachian English is famous for the use of a- prefix attached to the verbs. If you do not have knowledge about its correct utilization, it is for sure that mistakes will happen. It should be noted that this prefix can be attached only to verbs and not to adjectives, gerunds or prepositions. ‘He was a-huntin’. This is the perfect example to understand this.

3. Southern American English

The use of ‘liketa’ is a major feature of Southern American English. This word can be said close to the word ‘almost’. But, it does not mean exactly like the word ‘almost’. It can be sued in sentences like ‘I liketa had a severe panic attack.’ This word (liketa) is always used in past tense and may co-occur with ‘just’. The English translation company names in Delhi are known to follow all the rules of dialect grammar. Further speaking, ‘liketa’ can be used in both negative and positive sentences. However, it cannot be used in commands and questions.


It does not matter, whether or not you wish to build your career in the language or translation industry; but you must certainly discover theories that contribute in developing human linguistic knowledge. Further, this language knowledge is also highly important for the business owners. Before investing into any particular niche, you must have apt knowledge regarding the language and dialects. In a nutshell, it is both knowledgeable and interesting at the same time.

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