How To Make Your Patent A Brand Worldwide?

Basics Of Patent

Patent infringement litigation cases are making top stories in media. Increasing number of patent suits has been filed by the patent owners in the last two decades.

A Patent is mainly a monopoly enjoyed by the owner of the inventor. While filing patent applications, a patent owner can select from utility, design and plant patent to provide protection to the invention and share information with readers about the innovation and its complete process.

A Patent is a right enjoyed by the sole owner of the inventor and gives his or her invention a global recognition. It gives the license to the owner and without his permission; nobody can make, use or sell the novel innovation in the next 20 years from the filing of patent applications.

How To Protect Innovation?

After inventing a new article, the biggest step is to file a patent application to make it marketable. Patent paperwork will be helpful in case of infringements or claiming ownership rights.

A utility patent lasts for 20 years and involves invention of machines, process, and chemical compositions. Design patents are for safeguarding ornamental aspects of the innovation for 14 years and focus is on novel shape than its functional aspect. Asexually created or reproduced cutting or grafting plants can be protected by filing plant patents.

Patent Translation Procedures

For your patent translations, you must employ a translator who is foreign language expert as well as understands the patent law to manage legal consequences. When your worldwide visibility relies on foreign word then accurate translation makes complete sense.

To present patent portfolio in multiple jurisdictions, the ultimate option is the translation. In United States, Australia, Canada, India you can file applications in English to enjoy patent protection in these countries. By translating patent application in Arabic, you can apply to Gulf Cooperation Council and expand your patent protection in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar and Jordan.

If you are filing in Mexico you can use Latin American Spanish filing strategy. To reduce translation cost you can translate your patent documents into different languages to file an application in various countries and gain patent protection globally.

What You Need To Eliminate Translation Errors?

A patent of intellectual property is suggested for legal protection. While filing patents and fulfils the terms of international patent office or jurisdiction, it is obligatory to translate documents into another language.

Knowledge of technical, scientific and legal subjects is to streamline sensitive patent translation. To eliminate translation errors and other legal actions, it is wise to depend on professional translators for international patent translations to avoid infringement as word counts in legal matters even translated words can be challenged in court.

A Patent can be considered as invalid if it has translation mistakes. Hence, the importance of patent translation is to make it understandable in a foreign country. When dealing with the claims and specifications, the translators must essentially rephrase or restructure the patents into another language with the vocabulary and grammar in mind. In order to avoid translation errors, a thorough knowledge of the invention will be required to accurately translate chemical, scientific or technical terms.

Filing Application At The Patent Office

Intellectuals are facilitating patent information on the Internet. For the protection of new inventions, a patent is filed in patent offices and its information is distributed worldwide. The increase in the patent application filings all over the world has boosted the need for translations.

International patent systems like Patent Cooperation Treaty and WIPO allows one to file a patent in mentioned language or translated application would be required so that it is acceptable by the foreign patent offices to safeguard patent right protection.

What Does Patent Office Do?

Translated patent application increase the visibility in both national and international sphere and also disseminate information to larger masses throughout the world. Once the filed patent application is published it becomes a legal certificate.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are the three patent offices where you can file an application regarding patent of your innovation. All these patent offices have in-house translation department to handle translation work and cater to the requirements of patent examiner and innovator.

WIPO currently asks for applications in 10 languages like Arabic, Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Portuguese and Korean to publish patents. From the diverse languages, you can select your preferred language as acceptable by the patent office.

In WIPO, lakhs of application translation requests were reported in the recent years. Within WIPO, the International Bureau looks after your translation demand. This unit is responsible for the translation of patent applications and abstracts internally. With the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) reform, the demand for English translations has increased.

More On Patent Organizations

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office receive the largest number of patent applications on an international level. So, the demand for translation request in USPTO is increasing with each passing day. Patent translation has become million dollar industry.

Scientific and Technical Information Centre is a division within USPTO to look after patent publishing cases be it article, document, title or letter and other relevant material to be filed in the patent office.

Taiwan Intellectual Property Office only entertains Chinese patent applications so; Chinese translations of foreign languages would be needed to file applications. TIPO totally relies on outsourcing agencies for translating information for patent office, global readers and not the least legal firms.

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