How To Mistranslation in a sentence can be confusing and costly?

When someone makes a mistake, its better that we learn from it so that history doesn’t get repeated. Same goes for mistranslation in a sentence that resulted into huge blunder by putting across something else meaning. Translation is a process being performed by linguistic experts that analyze target language to remove any confusion. This requires deep understanding of source language otherwise mistakes would happen.

Here are some of the examples that tell significance of professional translation in business for passing on right brand message.

Starbucks- When Slogan Get Wrong

Starbucks slogan Exito Aqui mean- hands out success but who would have though its correct meaning in English? The word “Exito” got wrongly translated as “exit” and this changed entire meaning of brand that it really wanted to spread. So instead of offering a cup of coffee it’s actually telling people to Exit only. It’s doesn’t sound that persuasive in English.

HSBC- Translation That Cost $10 Million

You might not believe that even Global brand like HSBC did an amateur translation. This happens when they launched one of their campaigns with tagline- Assume nothing. This common looking phrase was actually so difficult to translate in other languages that it pronounced as “Do nothing”. You can’t attract customers by saying do-nothing can you? This simplest mist cost bank a whooping 10 million dollar for rebranding the entire slogan.

Can You Download Clothes Hanger?

You might have seen many empty clothes hangers in garment shops. The shop assistant thought instead of telling customer again and again to take down hanger, why not put a sign? He wrote “Bajar Las Perchas” originally meaning “To lower the hangers” or to bring down. But looks like the owner did a slight translation mistake in English where he got translated “Please Download hanger”. It’s not like that you are downloading digital media from internet.

Weird Menu

What would be your reaction if you go to restaurant for fine dining experience and encounter peculiar dish names as – Husband and Wife lung slice? It looks like you might have encounter a crime scene but apparently it’s not. The food chains were using part of animals to make dish and translation of dish results into something unthinkable.

How Bad Translation Does Affect Business Reputation?

After reading upon bizarre translation, you might have understood the importance of accurate translation for meaningful conversation of sentence and paragraph. Today, majority of businesses are considering this as vital investment decision that directly affects their reputation, brand message, awareness and product acceptance.

Any Sign Of Translation Error Might Directly Result Into:

Miscommunication I.E. Telling Inaccurate Message
Destroy The Reputation Of Brand
Make Competitors Take Advantage Of Business Mistake
Generate An Environment Of Distrust Among Audience

For better results it is recommended to take advantage of certified translation that understands the jargons, grammar, slangs, phrase, idioms and culture of targeted lingo. This will helps your business in sending accurate message in any foreign country of your choice.

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