How To Mobile Localization Helpful In Your Business?

In 2013 mobile users accounted for 15 percent of internet traffic, at present year 2016 we’ve witnesses the upsurge and now 56 percent of the internet traffic are mobile users. As per the CISCO report the same trend will continue and it has been predicted that by 2019 mobile traffic will rise to 13 fold and most of the traffic will come from fingertip smartdevices. Mobile has rapidly bypassed the desktop and became top traffic source and report clearly indicates the shift of traffic from laptop to smartphone and tablets.

The pure mixture of internet and smart devices has led consumers to search about products and services easily. All the information around the world is now available at your fingertip; accessible from anywhere. That’s why many international organizations are focusing on accurate mobile localization to get closer to their customers. To clearly understand this concept lets dig into its importance.

1. Expanding Your Reach:

Not everyone speaks English; some prefer information in their native language only. Localization enables organization to target country specific audiences. It easily helps in adapting content as per user native language. There’s an old saying “You need to get closer than ever to your customer” and with localization you can narrow down the communication gap and can surely get closer to aider audiences.

2. Enhance Customer Experiences:

You feel great when you get information in your own language right? The same thing happens with your customers also. If you provide accurate information in their native language they’ll feel delighted and will appreciate your effort. A stable mobile localization further helps in boosting customer confidence and develops a sense of trust in them.

3. Marketing and Advertising:

When it comes to any promotional activity, you need to speak your audiences in their native language otherwise all your money would be wasted. You need to develop a better marketing strategy when you’re dealing with multi-variant crowd. Some words might sound different in other language such as ‘Gift’ in German it means poison. That’s why Localization is preferred as it helps in adapting all you your content correctly avoiding any kind of confusion.

4. High ROI:

Localization helps in putting your product and services in front of millions of viewers; leading you to generate more potential clients and more sales. Many investors will also show interest in your organization. You’ll be pleased with high revenue growth.

Localization should be considered as important step to development and must be taken seriously. Many organization mistakes the process of localization with translation which is completely a different term. With the uprising trend of smartphone, companies are adopting this strategy in order to target wider area and to become leading global player.

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