How to Powerful Negotiation Can be a Game Changer for You ?

Smart tactics always change the game, in a positive manner. This is also true, while you are negotiating for your salary. Salary negotiation is of paramount importance to any employee or job seeker, in order to settle on an amount that is acceptable to both (employer and employee/job applicant). However, it is often seen that the candidates do not negotiate salary, just because they can’t say no or due to the fear of losing the job.

This decision forces the candidate to continue in a job, where he/she is not satisfied on salary terms. This further turns into job dissatisfaction. Hence, if you are the one who doesn’t prefer discussing salary in the interview room, this is just a small check for you. You should start discussing it.

Here are, some game changing tactics that you must follow while negotiating on salary:

1. Prove Your Worth

The top HR consultants in India say that during the negotiation part, it is very important for the candidate to prove his/her worth. This implies that you must justify the salary that you are expecting for. For this, you need to show what’s different or extraordinary about you that the employer should hire you at your expected salary. Let them come across, some of your skills that describe a higher potential or a higher value in you.

2. Try to Be Persuasive

Often it has been observed that the candidates talk in a very stubborn tone, if they feel that the ball isn’t in their court. However, one should understand that the employer is not sitting there to agree and listen to what you want. The employer will agree and listen to your demands, only if he/she is convinced. Thus, try to be persuasive in your tone; thereby convincing the employer that you are the right fit for the job.

3. Avoid Talking Too Much

Once you had a talk regarding the salary, it is advisable to wait for the response; rather than keep talking and annoying the employer. You should be confident enough that the salary you asked is fair enough to justify your skills and talent. Hence, do not get nervous and do not keep chattering in the interview hall.

4. Be Realistic

Being realistic is also very important for a candidate. Do not make fake promises, as this will create a big problem for you. Neither will you be able to meet the targets, nor justify your salary. Hence, commit for those skills or targets that you can easily accomplish.


Keeping such tips in mind, you can make sure that you are recruited to a job role at your expected salary. This will boost your motivation and will keep you going to work better and better for the company’s target. Salary negotiation, done in an effective manner can pave way for job satisfaction and thus, higher productivity.

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