Pros and Cons of Voice Recognition Software: Do You Know?

What Is Voice Recognition Software?

There are definitely some Pros and Cons of Voice Recognition Software for you to consider. Voice recognition software is always considered as most amazing inventions in your daily lives. It was rather really hard to imagine that one day such machines will be the life support of people and will turn talks into written texts. Well, you haven’t even reach that stage where you can easily interact and always converse with computer quite freely. So, whenever the speech recognition software is in right step, most of you might argue it to be user-friendly.

In case, you are actually trying to transcribe own presentations, you might have to be aware of limitations included. So, going through the set of pros and cons can be useful during such instances. You will further come to learn the benefits of human transcribers from the same source.


☞ Speed: The software can be used for capturing the speed at quite a fast rate than what you could have imagined normally. So, it is always possible now for you to just get the thoughts right onto electronic paper at a much faster rate than just waiting for the fingers to just catch up.

☞ Access: Well, there are some difficulties in transcription process which you need to process down. For that, checking on the pros can help you big time. For the writers with some physical disabilities that might prevent them from just using a keyboard and mouse, their ability to issue voice commands and then dictate words into text document is always of a great advantage.

☞ Specialization: Voice command Technology or the VT has always been demonstrated as considerable growth in the current medical sector. An example might find its way to you well. The physicians, for example, will definitely fin it quite helpful to make some of the best file notations into the patients EHR or the Electronic Health Record. It is always designed to have built-in form of comprehensive medical vocabulary.

☞ Spelling: You get the chance to gain some access to the same kinds of editing tools as standardized word processing solution. Well, it is true to state that nothing can be 100% accurate, but the software will work hard to catch most of the spelling and other kinds of grammatical errors.


a) Limited Vocabulary: It is always mandatory for you to set up your mind-sets for some delays as the software might stumble upon some strange words. The simplistic reason for that is that the new industrial based specified vocabs are about to be added these days and all the time.

b) Training And Set-Up: This step forms another time invested practice. Despite all the promises made that you will be just up and running just after covering up the installation work, the reality can be a bit different. The recording of the voice commands is rather complex than what you have seen so far. Capturing the inflection and tone in an accurate manner sometimes will take quite some time from your side and it is important for high quality transcription too. If that wasn’t enough, sometimes the software might take few pauses at some sentences when it will try to figure out what actually you meant. So, overall, this voice command based software definitely needs some patience and also clear enunciation.

c) Frequent Pauses: At times, this idea of frequent pauses is enough to spoil the mood. Always remember that the goal over here is to write faster than what you might do while you type normally. Changes in the current voice tone or any kind of speech clarity can often cause some glitches, which will further result in unrecognized words or even some acronyms. These are some of the do you know facts for you to consider, to be sure of the cons as well we pro of voice recognition software.

It is always true to state that voice recognition software can prove to be quite attractive and might help you to enable files and retain those in-house rather than just sending them out to any of the professional transcription sector. Along with that, most of the well-trained and experienced business professionals will also look upon the cost of the premium quality transcription by some of the experienced industrial professionals who are trying to be prohibitive when compared to cost of the Voice Recognition software.

Well, the main and true cost of the said software in case of the training hours invested in it along with the production delays in the current delivery of accurate transcription can always turn out to be way less attractive. If you want to try it out DIY style, the software will then be going out on its way. But, in terms of the academic and business transcription, speed, accuracy and competitive pricing, the software is a wise decision.

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