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No doubt, the Russian technical certification and documentation services have become a dire need of the business owners of today. Such services are basically needed at the time of importing goods to Russia and other CIS countries, like Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Armenia. This is the reason why most of the companies are generally recommended to keep tandem with complex certification systems, approvals, permits and national standards followed in the Russian territory. But, in order to operate the technical or industrial products in Russia (or other CIS countries), it should be noted that certification is difficult, or say, incomplete without proper documentation. This actually implies the technical documentation which comprises of preparing essential documents, needed while operating the equipment. In a nutshell, importing and exporting goods to the CIS countries, require a whole lot of precision, formalities and documentation. This is the point where TridIndia comes into play.

Backed by a pool of experience, TridIndia offers authentic services for technical certification, documentation and translation. Since, we come from a translation background; we definitely have an edge over others in the global market. We not just fulfill all your certification and documentation needs, but also translate them into any domestic or foreign language (as per your requirements).

Working with TridIndia

Working with TridIndia can bring you at the upfront with pristine certification and documentation because:

● We conform to the highest ethical standards
● Our team comprises of fluent native Russians (and other language translators) with engineering background
● We guarantee 100% confidentiality of the documents
● We possess years of experience in certification for varied industries, like oil, gas and power
● We follow a streamlined process for certification and documentation
● Adopt a nominal pricing policy

So, you have all the reasons to count us among the most trusted service providers in the international market.

Further, talking about the technical certification, you should know about all the documents and certificates demanded for importing and operating the equipment in CIS countries. Here they are:

The Certifications Demanded

Listed below are some of the documents that are required at the time of import or operation of the industrial equipment:

1. Declaration of Conformity or CU TR Certificate

CU TR refers to Customs Union Technical Regulation. Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus formed the custom union in 2010 and thus, CU TRs are required to fulfill the unified requirements. These certificates are related to varied industrial equipment, like:

● Safety of equipment in explosive atmospheres
● Safety of equipment with low voltage
● Electro-magnetic compatibility of varied technical devices
● Safety of gas-fueled equipment
● Safety of equipment and machinery
● Safety of any pressurized equipment
● Safety of lifts

Further, a Declaration of Conformity is required to make sure that the equipment complies with the CU TR certificate. If the equipment does not fall into the category of CU TR, the DoC would not be required. In such a case, GOST R or GOST K certificate would be demanded.

2. Letter of Exemption

At times, when it is considered that the goods would not be requiring any type of certification, a letter of exemption is issued. Generally, two types of exemption or refusal letters are known – one for the custom authorities and the other for the business partners. There is no such difference between the two, except for the addressee. In the former letter, the head of the state customs committee is addressed, while in the latter, the trader is addressed.

3. Fire Safety Certificate

The Fire Safety Certification Body issues a certificate confirming that the product or the equipment complies with all the fire safety rules, state standards and construction regulations. All the domestic and foreign made products need to go through a product certification system to assure quality. Some of the products that require compulsory fire safety certification are as follows:

● Heat-generating equipment
● Construction products and structures
● Means to secure fire safety
● Electric and electrotechnical equipment
● Substances and materials

4. State Registration Certificates

A very short list of goods generally requires state registration certificates. Some of them are as follows:

● Household chemical goods
● Alcohol, Mineral water
● Disinfectants
● Water treatment equipment
● Food additives
● Personal hygiene items
● Special food products, like dietary food etc
● Hazardous chemical materials
● Cosmetic goods

5. Metrology Certificate

This type of certificate is issued for those instruments that have certain measuring accuracy and range. This certificate declares that:

● A streamlined calibration procedure is followed at the time of calibration tests.
● The instrument is eligible to be used as an official measuring device.
● The periodical calibration performed on the instrument is done through quality equipment (present at the Metrological centers).

6. RTN Permit to Use

RTN is required for the operation of different machinery and equipment (like boilers, pressure vessels and burners) in Russia and other CIS countries. This will help you reach and capture the Russian market. Hence, this permit definitely holds prime importance for any business organization. To make this easy for you, we provide:

● Comprehensive review of the industrial equipment
● Assurance for the safety compliance of the equipment
● Help in gaining permission for importing varied industrial equipment

Sometimes, you may also need GOST R or GOST EX certification and a technical passport, to obtain RTN.

7. Technical Passport

Technical passport is one of the most important documents that need to be presented at the time of equipment import and operation. Prepared and signed by the manufacturer, this document includes every specific detail about the equipment, like:

● The maintenance and operation instructions
● Technical specifications
● Repairs logbook
● Manufacturer’s declaration of conformity

The type of format for the technical passport varies as per the different types of equipment, such as:

● High pressure pipelines
● Pressure vessels
● Exhaust stacks
● Lifting equipment
● Safety and control valves

And so on..!!

Translation and Documentation

Obtaining permits and certificates is one of the major concerns while importing goods to Russia. But, gaining these certificates requires the business owner to be aware of technical documentation. Without the key documents, you cannot gain precise certification of the products. Henceforth, our team is engaged in providing, not just certification, but also the documentation services, as per the Russian law. Additionally, it should be noted that for a fruitful trade, the documents and certificates obtained should be in your native language as well as in the language of the other party. Thus, you need to pay considerable attention to the translation part as well. But, when TridIndia is with you, you can actually leave all your translation worries on us. Our team translates and prepares different types of technical documents with utmost precision.

1- Types of Technical Documentation

We help in the translation and preparation of the following documents:

● Pressure vessel passport
● Operation manual
● Logbook
● Passport
● Spare parts usage norms
● Technical posters
● Catalogue of parts and assembly components
● Technical documentation inventory
● Tag
● Accessories, spare parts and instruments inventory
● Installation manual

All these documents are translated into varied language combinations, depending on the client’s need.

2- Variety of Formats

We make sure that the translation and documentation packages offered from our end are complete, precise and accurate and in line with the equipment shipped. Further, we provide hard copies as well as electronic copies of the documentation in a variety of formats like:

● AutoCAD
● Microsoft Office formats (.ppt, .doc, .rtf, .xls etc.)
● Illustrator
● Adobe Acrobat
● Adobe Photoshop
● All graphic formats

And various others

The Streamlined Workflow

We work on a streamlined process to make sure that the certification, documentation plus translation is carried on smoothly. This is how we work:

Step 1:

The client provides data sheets, technical description and specifications.

Step 2:

As per the nature of the equipment and Russian laws, the certification requirements are evaluated at our end.

Step 3:

The project manager is then, delegated all the responsibilities of technical documentation and evaluation of the product.

Step 4:

The project manager gets hold of the entire certification process.

Step 5:

By now, the application procedure is initiated, in which the project manager manages the entire activities with the authorities, certification bodies and varied expert organizations.

Step 6:

When all the certificates and documents are issued, our experts review them thoroughly and issue them to the client.

Step 7:

If the client demands for translation of certificates and documents, then all the certificates are first translated and then delivered to the client.

This organized workflow and our engineering background helps us to deliver excellent services without any delay.

Import to Russia Now Gets Easier

No matter, what type of product is to be imported to Russia or CIS countries, TridIndia will help you at every step of certification, documentation and translation. Thus, import to Russia becomes easy, when you are with TridIndia. Our engineering background has helped us achieve a strong place in the global market today. This is the reason why a number of companies contact us for translating/ obtaining the permits, certificates and documents required at the time of importing goods to Russia and other CIS countries. Further, on account of our experience and a talented pool, we can simply assure that while you are with us, none of the tasks would be hampered in terms of quality, quantity, budgetary and timely constraints.

To talk to our experts? Reach us at [email protected] or contact us at +91-8527599523


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