5 Basic Tips for Translators to Use Social Media Wisely

Social media is a powerful platform that connects not just individuals, but also business to business, business to customer, employer to job applicants and so on. Hence, living in the world of today, you cannot ignore the social media platforms. These platforms can be really fruitful for you, if you use them as a great marketing tool to promote your business. Not just this, you can also grab a number of benefits that you might not have thought before.

These tools are useful for everyone, even for a language translator, who is looking for a bright future in the translation field. It will boost your reputation and image in the industry. Often, translators use PR activities for enhancing their reputation. Both PR and social media are beneficial for professionals.

Using the social platforms, you (as a translator) might gain the following benefits –

• Connect with potential clients
• Publish recent updates about translation, language or target country’s culture
• Share info about your success or achievements
• Gain limitless networking possibilities
• Gain increased traffic to the professional profile

Hence, you must start using these platforms wisely, to reap such advantages. Here are some tips that you must follow to give a boost to your professional career with the correct approach:

1. Profile Creation

First of all, it is important to work on profile creation. The profile that you create must be professional. For example, you are setting up your account on twitter. Here, you will get option of importing the contacts from other media platforms and your email. Generally, experts recommend that one must import only those contacts which are relevant to translation industry.

2. Socializing

It’s now time to socialize on media. After profile creation, you will have to follow people and get them follow you. So, first of all, you’ll have to decide the international translation agency, target company, language organization, colleagues or translation institution that interests you the most. Then, search for their profiles and start following them.

3. Share What’s New

These tools provide you a great platform to share your feelings, experiences and more. Hence, to keep the engagement going on, you can share what’s new is happening around you or in your career. Often people share info about their current projects, the seminars or workshops they are attending and other related stuff.

4. Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great source of reaching new people on the social platforms. Hashtags are like keywords. You can use them in your posts and highlight them for those who are related to your industry. You can even reach a company through this, such as an English to Japanese translation company. #translation and #language are known to be popular hashtags for translation.

5. Find and Learn

As discussed above, sharing different type of stuff can help you boost engagement and popularity. But, while you share all the stuff that you are aware of, you can also share something that is new to you and might be new to your contacts as well. So, finding such content and sharing them will not just boost your popularity, but also help you and your contacts to learn something new and innovative.


Constant efforts always lead to success; provided the approach you follow, is correct. Hence, using social media wisely should be on your priority list. Companies, institutions and businesses will get to know about your talent, knowledge and expertise and who knows you might start getting translation assignments just sitting at your home through these social platforms. So, keep it going..!!

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