The 10 Languages To Learn In 2022 And Upcoming Years

So, you have been eyeing to learn a new language, isn’t it? But, with so many languages in the kitty already, finding the best one seems to be a rather disturbing option. You never know which one to learn and that makes it rather difficult for you. For the best response, try asking translation service providers for the best help. They might offer you with some promising tips in order to choose the right and most useful language to choose. They have already selected the top 10 languages, which you might plan to learn this year.

1. Mandarin

Primarily known as official Chinese language, Mandarin is widely spoken globally. Around 14.4% of global population, which is around 955 million people, are associated with this language as native one.

As China nudges the USA to be at the top spot, so this language is all set to grow.

Mandarin is also the second most promising language used online.

Even British Council ranked Mandarin as one of the major languages for the UK’s future. So, for learning a new language, try Giving Mandarin a chance.

2. Arabic

Known as the 5th most promising spoken language globally, Arabic is widely used by some of the growing and dynamic economies in Africa and Middle East.

For the internet users, Arabic is the 4th most common language at present day.

Arabic has also made its names in the list of major languages by British Council because of diplomatic and potential economic benefits.

As per the World Economic Forum, Arabic is stated to be the 5th most promising and globally powerful language.

3. Spanish

Spanish houses as the second most common language after mandarin with 405 million speakers. If you learn this language, it can open doors in Latin America, Spain and even in USA.

As per British Council, around 34% UK businesses cover Spanish language for organizational growth.

It is also the highest growing language in Chile, Argentina, Colombia and other developing countries in South and Central America.

It is among the 3rd most common language to be used over the internet these days!

4. German

German is known to have around 80 to 100 million speakers. Germany holds the largest economy in European Union, so learning this language seems important for business growth.

Being UK’s most pivotal trading partner, Germany is also the second best exporting markets of good. So, you must get the German language straight.

In a UK survey, around 45% people has rated German to be a rather useful language.

Germany even offers most scholarships to students to study abroad. So, get this language in your kitty.

5. Portuguese

Around 215 million people speak Portuguese in Brazil, Portugal and in some parts of Africa. The British Council has listed this language as one of the 8th most promising language for the future of UK. It provides opportunities in science, trade, diplomacy and education. As Brazilians have little knowledge in English, so to get into business, they have to rely on Portuguese. It is easy to learn.

6. Russian

Now you might be wondering the reasons to plan Russian as one of the major languages to learn in 2022. You will be amazed to know that there are 155 million speakers of Russian language, making it the 8th common language globally. After the growth of the Silk Road in China, it has to pass through Russia. Therefore, this language is definitely a worth notifying for. It offers potential opportunities for the British firms too in areas like education, trade and more.

7. French

Spoken by around 74 million people in French territories and France, French is now prevalent globally. It is mainly because France is one of the promising trade partners of UK. French language skill is necessary as around 74% of UK businesses are revolving around employees speaking French.

8. Japanese

Another interesting language and a rather difficult one so far have to be Japanese Language. It is spoken by around 125 million speakers globally. It is a perfect export market and major investor in wealth of opportunities, in case of technology and science.

9. Hindi

Hindi is noted as fourth most promising language spoken in world. It has around 260 million speakers. As India is now holding the 7th largest GDP in world, so you better learn Hindi first. Even though Indian people know ways to speak English, but Hindi has its place.

10. Bengali

You cannot avoid the importance of Bengali language. There are around 205 million speakers and second most commonly spoken language in India. It is also the official language in Assam, Tripura, West Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. So, you might want to learn this language too.

So, these are the top 10 languages you can try your hands in this year, if you are actually planning to learn something new. This will help you ultimately in business growth!

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