Do You Need Permission To Translate a Book Or a Novel?

Do you wish to translate and publish someone else’s book or novel in different languages? Wait..!! It can be a case of copyright infringement.

You must know that you need permission to translate a book or a novel in other languages, irrespective of your innocent motive behind the translation. So, if you wish to get a book or novel translated, and are concerned about the copyright issues, here is everything that you must know.

Do I Really Need To Ask Permission For Book/Novel Translation?

The clear-cut answer to this question is YES.

Although translation is not subject to copyright infringement in itself, yet it may arise copyright issues when you publish it.

For example, you are sitting in your verandah, thinking to do something creative. So, you plan to translate English poem to Hindi. Now, when you feel that the translation is pretty good, you think of publishing the same. Here is exactly where you are breaching the copyright law (although unknowingly). You are not the creator of the original version of the poem. Therefore, before publishing the poem in a different language, you will have to ask for permission from the original poet.

Similar is the case with books and novels. If you run an e-commerce store and wish to offer translated version of a popular book to increase sales and traffic towards your online store, you will have to ask for permission first. Since the translated book will be put for sale online, it should be your priority to contact the copyright owner or original author for seeking permission. You cannot translate and publish the book, until and unless you have the consent of the author for translation.

Note: Make sure to take prior written consent or permission from the original creator/ author/ copyright owner.

How To Get Permission To Translate a Book/ Novel?

Getting permission for translating a literary piece of work is very simple and straightforward. All you need is to try and contact the original author and ask for his/her permission.

Try to search the Internet for the author’s current contact information. Send an e-mail, fix a meeting and put your best foot forward to receive permission. If you are planning for motivational book translation in Hindi, to boost the motivation level of your employees, you can do so, but with permission. Although you are not publishing the translated book in this case, but to make sure you are away from any kind of controversy or illegal act, seek permission.

How To Publish a Translated Book?

A translated book can only be published if you have obtained translation rights from the copyright owner. So, as mentioned above, to publish a translated book, you only need to contact the original author or copyright owner and ask for permission.

To give you the translation rights, the copyright owner might even ask you to buy the translation rights. If you are okay with paying money, you can get the rights and publish the translated version.

Here you must keep in mind that the permission for translation does not mean that you can translate the book or novel in any as many languages as you want. A translated copy of the book can only be created in the specific language for which the original author has given written permission.

Even if you are getting a public domain book (books without copyright) translated, do give credit to the original creator.

Hire a Reputed Translation Vendor

When you have all the rights to translate someone else’s work, it is time to look for a reputed translation vendor who offers instant novel translation in USA, UK or any location near you. Choosing a right vendor is basically important to make sure that the quality of the output is excellent, error-free and delivered within the shortest time frame.

TridIndia is one of the most reliable translation companies in India that commits to offer high quality translation of books, poetry, song lyrics, novels and various other types of literary works. So, if you have acquired the necessary translation rights, do get in touch with us for quick translation. Or if you have originally created a piece of literature and want to boost its international sales, contact us right now and we’ll translate in any number of languages.

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