How Qualitative Translations Reduce Costs & Risk for Patents

Generally, protecting the domestic/international patents or intellectual property costs a huge amount to the owner. The largest patent filers invest millions of dollars each year to avail error-free translations for each country, they plan to file. Thus, on an international scale, the costs are higher due to ineffective translations.

The mistranslation of even a single word in patents can lead to an increased risk of litigation or it can even reduce the patent scope in the global market. Many organizations hire patent agents in each country or freelance translators with limited expertise, in order to cut costs. The downside of these efforts is, that the freelancers and local agents lack adequate scientific knowledge related to the patent. As a result, the translation does not account for 100% accuracy.

On the other hand, a single patent translation service provider allows for a streamlined translation process with effective collaboration between the translator and patent agents in each country.

According to a patent attorney, a reputed translation service provider can leverage the best practices in more jurisdictions than with one foreign patent agent; Thus, enabling more geographic cases in the same cost, or even lower. By hiring a patent translation service provider, you can validate the patents in more countries than planned.

Working with any translation service provider, following ethical practices can instill the confidence that you will receive quality translations within specified deadlines, thereby reducing the overall cost of patent ownership.

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