Urdu Translation Services in Mumbai Chennai Kolkata: Why it is Essential For Your Business?

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Famed as a known Urdu Translation Services Company Mumbai Chennai Kolkata and worldwide, our translation firm has rendered utmost satisfaction to all the clients around the globe. Our intense dedication, efforts, and dexterous team helped us to establish a big reputed name in the translation industry. Hence, whenever you are looking for a quality translation, TridIndia is the platform that you can blindly trust.

We cover all the industries, different language dialects, and language combinations. Not just this, we have a pool of native Urdu translators, who translate multiple documents from Urdu to other languages and vice versa.

Facts about the Urdu Language

• This language is native to both Pakistan and India.

• In India, it is mostly spoken in 6 different states of India.

• British replaced some local official languages and the Persian language with English and the Urdu languages in the North Indian regions of Punjab in 1849 and Jammu & Kashmir in 1846.

• This language is even recognized in the Constitution of India.

• Standard Hindi and Urdu languages are mutually intelligible with each other.

Vast Applications of Urdu Translation

No doubt, the Urdu language is highly needed in the business world of today.

Hence, the translation is also demanded in varied sectors, such as –

1- Real Estate: Whether it is about property investment, searching for different markets, researching the target niche, or anything else; you will certainly need proper translation to move in the right direction. Mortgage Forms, Rental Agreements, Lease Agreements, and Warranty Deed, etc.; all types of documents ate translated by us.

2-Legal: The legal industry highly demands quality translation in different languages, including Urdu. Hence, our translators translate different documents with full dedication. They are also well-versed with all the jargon and terminologies used in the sector.

3-Healthcare: Just as terminologies are important in the legal sector, in a similar way, they are also important in the healthcare industry. Various pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and biotechnology companies need medical translation today.

4-Software: In the software too, centric Urdu translation is quite prevalent. At TridIndia, we translate different types of software into/ from the Urdu language. Not just this, we work on varied formats, like PHP, ColdFusion, .cgi, Java, J#, VB.Net, C++, C#, etc. Thus, we localize and translate the software as per your need.

Easy and Quick Solutions

We are famous for delivering easy and quick solutions all around the world. Not just the industry-specific translation, but also the translation quality is what we believe to be our forte. We also offer urgent translation in different languages. This is for those people who need translation at very short notice, within 24 to 48 hours. Hence, when it’s translated, it’s TridIndia..!!

To know more, call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today.

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