How To Plan For Video Translation To Target Global Customers

It is often much easier to reach multilingual audience through video translation for global customers. It allows content to reach large numbers of viewers. Many companies just like you are looking for opportunities to boost their business internationally by expanding the presence beyond national boundaries. As an increasing number of audience are now giving the preference to video in comparison to other content formats, it comes as no surprise that translating the video content becomes necessary to reach potential customers using other languages different from yours. But, the question is how would you ensure if your content is ready for global viewers.

5 Ways To Plan For Translating The Video

4 times more people prefer watching videos rather than text to gather vital product information. Even 40% of customers say that they watch videos first before purchasing any product. This shows how significant video content is to promote the brand and extend the global audience.

Here are 5 ways you can opt to plan effectively for translating your video content.

☞ Widen The Audience Base

To make your brand or product accessible to consumers worldwide, it is essential to make them aware of it. For example, if you’re launching any video game in foreign countries, let users know about its amazing features and benefits they can avail. Along with video game localization importance, you must give high significance to translating the video promotion material in the language of prospective customers. This is because a study proves that 39% of adults would more likely to share video content than text-based information.

☞ Follow An International Approach

Translation is not limited only to converting the content in the language of an intended audience, but you need to translate it as per the global perspective. Now, the question is how would you develop that mindset? The best way for this is to begin the script after analyzing the figurative language (idioms, personification, metaphor, simile, etc) you’re going to use.

Yes, it is true that English is used as the worldwide language, but it is suggested to avoid the use of proverbs, turns of phrases, and other figurative language terms related to English if you are targeting a global audience. Professional video translation experts first analyze the behavior, linguistic, and communication skills of a potential audience, and then make the necessary omitting. They also consider the body language and other symbols used by actors in the video to clearly understand the meaning and deliver the same in the translated version.

☞ Convey Customize Message

With a significant rise in the numbers of people preferring video, it gets confirm that video marketing becomes the proven tactic for companies to interact with customers. Voiceovers or subtitles are widely used in videos to convey the personalized message to consumers, increase their engagement, and boost ROI. To let viewers understand the meaning easily and accurately, it is necessary to translate subtitles in the language your brand or business is targeting. There are many reasons to translate video subtitles in today’s scenario including the enhanced possibility of quick crawling of a website by the search engines, keep existing viewers and engage the new ones, reach a wider audience, and more. About 70% of people would not watch the video if it is subtitled in a language different from their own. The best feature is that translated subtitles work effectively on all types of platforms.

☞ Focus On Steady Speed

Not all the viewers have the same reading and understanding ability. Hence, it is important to focus on the slow speech pace. Ensure that only less information will be displayed on the screen to let viewers grasp each and every important point before it disappears. Slow speed helps in an effective translation because sometimes the content gets increased in size when translated into another language. Slow and steady speech pace helps in avoiding hotchpotch of content and preventing the situation of overloading viewers with complicated information.

☞ Accuracy Matters A Lot

The main purpose of translation is to let the targeted audience comprehend the intended original meaning without any misunderstanding. All efforts will go in vain if the message conveyed is not in its precise form. Therefore, it is necessary to translate the video content with professionally trained human translators assuring utmost accuracy in the target language.

Final Words…

Statistics prove that over 67% of YouTube views come from non-English speaking nations. That means if you are not translating your video in the language of the audience you want to reach, you’re missing the huge golden opportunity to reach worldwide customers. With a large team of native translators worldwide, TridIndia serves its clients in many countries with 100% satisfaction rate. The experts ensure that message delivered across linguistic and cultural boundaries with complete accuracy. If you’re looking for a company that can help you with video, audio, technical, novel, website, catalogue, certificate, or other types of translation, then contact us right away.

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