What Is Localization, Who Needs Localization, And When?

Most of the time, localization is confused with translation. However, these terms have two entirely different meaning. For your question on What Is Localization, it can be answered as a procedure of adapting product or content to specified market or location, as per Globalization and Localization experts.

Translation is a major part of Globalization and localization services and it is a procedure of converting text from current language to another. It is a major aspect of localization, but the second one seems rather extensive in nature. Localization services involve adaptation of other elements into target market.

It helps in modifying graphics and designs for displaying translated text properly

Not only that but it is further used for changing content for matching preferences

Moreover, you get the opportunity to convert to local units of measurements and currencies

With localization, you can use proper formatting for elements like addresses, dates and phone numbers

It helps in working with legal requirements and local regulations

Why We Need Localization?

Once you are sure of localization, it is time to know why you actually need it. But first, you may have a question popping up in your mind. What is an LSP? The person working on localization service is the LSP or language service provider. Anyways, let’s just talk about the reasons on why people actually need localization services.

 ☞ Reach global audience:

According to some of the surveys from reputed institutions, majority of global population cannot speak English. It covers around 75% of the lot! In terms of remaining 25%, many don’t even speak English that well and so not being able to understand marketing content well. They cannot even catch subtleties of cultural reference, which otherwise plays the role of foundation of marketing campaign. Overall, global population comprises of only 6% of native English speakers. So, during such instances, localization can be that perfect key to reach global audience and boosting the current sales rate.

☞ Best way to expand business:

As some research implies, within few years’ time, 270 billion mobile downloads will attract a huge revenue worth $80 billion. Some other studies have indicated that 84% of international customers claim they are planning to purchase services and products from those online sites offering product or service information in native language. It is enough to prove the importance of Localization need in technology world. It is another great and proven way to expand business and reach out to a wider range of audience on a daily basis.

☞ Improved form of customer service:

By content localization services, you can easily show customers how important they are to you. As you are ready to go that extra mile for them, it makes customers feel quite special. Localization helps you to embrace target culture and deliver personalized experience, which helps in gaining trust and increased customer engagement section.

☞ Cut down the business risks:

If you are planning to reduce any form of risk related to copyright infringement or local law violation, localization seems to be the best help you can get. Moreover, it is perfect to help avoid any serious form of marketing fails. Even some of the biggest marketing giants might have to learn that not all product names are proper in some cultures.

☞ Increasing your current marketing effectiveness:

Narrowing down some of the international campaigns to local markets will help in improving marketing effectiveness. Location targeting helps in making the investment more cost-effective. On the other hand, localization is rather useful for the SEO practices as search results are well-influenced by the physical location. If you can create an effective marketing strategy, it will help boosting higher sales rate, and for that, you need localization services soon.

Why You Need A Language Service Provider For Localization Needs:

Organizations already have enough in their mind when they are processing global expansion. In most cases, they don’t often have time or the resources to focus on making any efforts on translation services. That’s when language service providers come into action. They are trained to work with your business to create unique strategy to match company’s specified translation needs. But first, always remember to chalk out the Mistakes to avoid when searching for localization companies.

Helping the firms to understand which markets are to target and what languages are to be working with will help in the business growth. The LSP is the one, who will help firms to know more about the materials to localize. Right from product functional testing to publishing presentations for best reflecting business caliber, everything will be taken care of by language service provider.

Language service providers haven’t restricted their services to translate, but they localize too. Localization goes beyond the area of translating by creating linguistic equivalent in place of literal translation, as presented by native speaker of target language, located in target market. The procedure further includes assessing word choice and tone of translation for cultural implications with dates, altering phone numbers and coincide time with audience’s counting service.

A full-service LSP has necessary resources for producing premium localization on budget and time. So, it helps in reducing need to get involved in daily project execution. Whenever you need aggressive timelines, LSPs will build and manage larger teams. They can perform functional and linguistic quality assurance for ensuring correct localization. They have an engineering team to deal with, helping them to extract text from file type. Most firms will use sophisticated localization tools for presenting savings on upcoming projects

How to Find the Right LSP for Localization:

If you want someone to work on International localization challenges, then you need to find the right LSP for your localization services. There are some points to consider finding the right name for your brand.

♦ Checking on technical prowess:

Nothing can ruin the customer servicing check other than poor connection. So, you need to ensure that LSP is here to use modern and reliable technology. You need to check for low percentage of dropped calls, quick service resolution time, high bandwidth capabilities for video interpretation and evaluation of new technologies as some of the technical powers, before selecting a LSP.

♦ Reliability and stability:

Never go for any LSP’s words when they claim to be stable and also reliable. Instead, check out the services they provide and the availability rate of it. Moreover, be sure to ask them for how long they have been associated with this business. Check out the number of clients they have already served and what client percentage they are able to retain. Also, take some time to check their annual and daily call volume on average to check on their reliability.

♦ Support system:

As LSPs play pivotal role for bottom line of your brand, you should be able to reach them right on time always. The reliable LSP will be happy to serve you with best customer centric service.

♦ Quality of their services:

LSP provides the first impression of your business. So, your chosen people must be knowledgeable enough in chosen language and trained well to manage project. You need to be aware of LSP’s criteria they use for evaluating staff.

Localization is a great way to expand reach and make customers feel quite at home. Start reaching out to more new faces through this service.

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