Why Do Hospitals Need Interpreting Solutions?

Language barriers are no alien concepts in the healthcare field; slowly, they are turning into serious issues which need to be resolved immediately. This is why hospitals are in an urgent need for interpreting solutions.

Every day thousands of non-English patients visit a hospital for treatment and non-availability of interpreting solutions add fire to the already existing language gaps between the doctor and the patient. As a result, it becomes a matter of life and death and can even lead to serious medical-related errors. Hence, this comes without saying that having access to interpreting solutions is the major necessity for hospitals and different organizations that rely on healthcare settings.Here are some major reasons that explain this –

1- A Matter Of Life And Death

As already mentioned above, when the patients are unable to communicate their problems to the doctor (or vice versa), it results into the lack of proper treatment. Eventually, the doctor is unable to treat the patient well and who knows the problem multiplies into something fatal. Hence, unavailability of interpreting solutions become a matter of life and death.

2- Ad Hoc Interpretation Can Be Risky

When hospitals do not provide interpreting solutions or have very limited resources for interpretation, the doctors tend to rely on ‘ad hoc interpreters’, who are generally the patient’s friends, family members or non-fluent bilingual staff members. When it is about general conversation, these interpreters can certainly help. But, when it is about communication in healthcare settings, these interpreters are only going to increase the risk. Since, they are not professionals in real-time interpretation service in USA, interpreting medical jargons and other important information can be tricky, resulting into improper communication.

3- Legal Consequences

Language barriers between the doctor and the patient can result into legal consequences. This is because poor interpretation may translate into mistakes in understanding the implications of a medical diagnosis. For the patient, the mistakes may arise, in terms of misunderstanding about any information of further treatment or the patient may not understand the doctor’s recommendations for a therapy. All of these situations can bring health problems for the patients, which in turn, will result into legal consequences for the hospital.

These points clearly define how important interpreting solutions are for clinics, hospitals and other medical institutes. Reports convey that the quality of patient care or clinical care gets a positive impact through professional medical interpreters. As a result, language barriers do not exist anymore, giving a perfect treatment to the patients.

Find The Right Interpreting Solution

Medical emergencies do not come knocking. Hence, choosing the right interpretation solution that is available everywhere, anytime is very essential. So, when you search different types of Medical interpretation in Pune near you online, you should be focussed on what delivers the best results. Here are some major types of interpretation that work best in healthcare settings –

♦ Over-the-phone interpretation: This type of interpretation allows quick interpretation as the interpreters are connected through telephone.

♦ Video interpretation: As the interpreters are connected through video, this type of interpretation works best for the deaf and hearing impaired patients.

♦ On-site interpretation: As the name suggests, this type of interpretation physical presence of the interpreter in the hospital, clinic or wherever interpretation has to take place.

If you wish to reach patients around the world with quality treatment and diagnosis, interpretation is all what you need. At TridIndia, we are committed to offering reliable multilingual interpreting solutions in any language pair(s). We have on board professional interpreters for community health centers, hospitals and clinics, who ensure that each and every detail is interpreted accurately, making way for perfect medical treatment.

So, give us a call today at +91-8527599223 or mail us at [email protected] and get started with accurate interpreting.

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