5 Reasons to Why Learning Languages Boost Career Prospects

Learning a new language can be both entertaining as well as rewarding, in terms of boosting career prospects. Learning a second or even a third language, not only benefits your personal life (meeting new friends and communicating with them), but also benefits your professional life. Basically the scope of job for bilingual candidates has increased immensely. The professional life includes meeting various individuals with different background. Hence, when it comes to comparing a monolingual candidate against a bilingual one, the companies usually prefer the latter option, as the latter helps them in reducing the cost of hiring an employee versed in the language of client.

Hence, to boost the future career prospects, learning a foreign/second language is greatly emphasized due to 5 major reasons:

1. Open to Various Job Opportunities

Being bilingual obviously opens the entry gate to a number of job opportunities. All of the fields, such as retail, marketing, sales, administration, tourism, transportation, communication, teaching, banking, law, public relations and government, vote for bilingual and multilingual candidates, as these candidates are researched to be more quick and responsive than monolingual candidates. This is the reason why most of the interpreters and translators are so successful in the global market.

2. Increased Chance of Getting Hired

Once you are open to the varied job opportunities, you will certainly find your way to the company that understands your worth and skills. Bilingual candidates are like magnets for the companies. They do not to the companies; rather the companies are trails towards them, owing to their spectacular skills of conversing in more than one language. Thus, the chances of getting hired increases in each and every sector of the business world.

3. Valuable Employee

According to a survey, it is found that the capability of candidates to communicate in two or more languages has become a way for attaining job satisfaction for the employees, while a mode of serving better output to the clients, for the companies. This implies that the bilingual candidates handle the clients very easily and effortlessly. Hence, the services rendered to the client are generally beyond expectations. These efforts from an employees’ end would definitely be rewarded and therefore, a level of job satisfaction gets achieved, thereby becoming a valuable employee for the company.

4. Notable Higher Wages

As per the recent trends of recruitment, it has been noted that the employees who excel at communicating in atleast two languages are paid higher wages (almost 10% to 15% increase in the salaries) than the monolingual employees. These candidates even get extra payment as a reward for dealing with the multi-cultured clients with utmost precision. Additionally, a bilingual brain is more responsive and quick at decision making. Hence, such candidates are highly prioritized in the companies for rewards, salaries and appreciation.

5. Career Advancement Opportunities

Having plenty of experience in multiple cultures and languages places the candidate on higher level positions, i.e. the chances of promotions increase significantly. This fact is true for both large and small companies. All you need to do is, include soft skills in the second language, meet and greet the clients in their native language and act as the company’s face to the foreign competitive market. With a second language, you will certainly realize an increase in your value in the company.


If you desire job satisfaction, advancement opportunities and attractive salary packages, then it is the right time for you to learn a second or third language to improve your worth and position in the market. Your career will flow smoothly under the skills of your bilingual/multilingual personality.

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